Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Need a New Tag Line?

So I've been really busy with work and with LOKI turn over stuff (that I'll go into some day), so I didn't notice these T-shirts until today. Since OBVIOUSLY Resto4Life is THE number one resto druid source, it's going to look like I stole my tag line. Should I keep it or change it?

Anyway - I TOTALLY need to be lesson planning right now and not blogging. Today has been VERY anti-productive. 


  1. Totally keep it! =)
    Yours say 'had', the T-shirts says cast :b

    Huge difference!

  2. I say keep it. Resto4Life has a few different tag lines that it scrolls through if you bring up their page.

    I see at least 5 or more different tags that Phae uses.

    Also, it's a little different.

    So, in short, I vote keep.

  3. I vote keep it. :-) But I'm biased!



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