Wednesday, February 4, 2009


...LOKI that is!

Our... (*gasp* I almost called him our main tank! Don't let my husband hear that! But that is a sign as to how much LOKI shares responsibilities.)Lets try that again...

One of our awesome tanks made this awesome high def video about his awesome self and our awesome guild - LOKI. He put this out there at exactly the right time. There has been a little bit of
guild drama, and for a guild that is relatively drama free, that feels like a lot. I know I have been bummed by it, that's one of the main reasons I haven't been posting or reading; I couldn't handle anything else stirring up negative feelings.

But then I watched this video yesterday and
my love of LOKI was rekindled anew! We even went into 3 Drakes that night and made some good progress with a new strat. It is working so well that we are going back tonight instead of to Malygos and Naxx!



  1. excellent vid, thanks for sharing it!

    We just went through a guild meltdown last week due to the stress that WoTLK seems to be causing across the board...

    keep on playing, keep on writing! Uldar here we come

  2. Fantastic video! Thanks for sharing.



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