Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Little History of Me, Aert, and Yakra

Guildies have been reminiscing on our forums about their WoW history, so I posted this there. It will mean more to people who know me IRL, or who know me or LOKI in WoW. There are some cute WoW meets IRL events if you wish to read, but other than that my story could be any WoW player's story.  

Yakra and I first played WoW on a friends account in his dorm room. I rolled a lock and killed a few wolves. Yakra played the most while I studied Organic Chem. On the way back to my house he proposed. I think all the happy proposal feelings mixed in with the WoW feelings and I was totally hooked. 

That summer Yak and I got our own accounts. I rolled a lock named Auroraglory, after my LARP character. He played a paladin. We leveled and planned a wedding that summer. The school year came and I stopped playing because it was the responsible thing to do.

Spring break came and Yak slept in a lot, so I rolled Aertimus on his account and leveled her a bit - she was going to be LOLKITTYDPS. Return to school, Yak needed his account to raid MC with Fatalis Fodei. I got to play maybe 30 - 45 min a night before bed, when he would call me to get off his account. I listened to his end of raids over the phone and thought this was all very silly. Sometimes I would listen in on vent and think it was more silly.

We got married. We went on our honeymoon. We came back and FF had disband. I didn't work that summer so I got Aert up into the 40s. Yak raided with LOKI for a few weeks, but his overtime was getting in the way. I just thought LOKI was getting in the way of quality time with my husband. I was pretty mad at raiding. Fall/school came again. I stopped playing because it was the responsible thing to do.

Christmas break rolls around and suddenly I got the desire to really play (Left and Ava were playing by then.) I reactivated my account and I leveled Aert on Yak's account while he leveled Auroraglory on mine. Thats when I started to be the healbot for our questing and instancing. This continued into the school year, when Yak wasn't leveling Yak in BC. I reached the 50s and joined Dissension because all my friends were there.

Off to outlands I went, where I could play with YAKRA... except that... Aert and Yak were on the same account. So I legally changed my last name, 1 year after getting married, so I could move Aert to my account and Aurora to Yak's account.

Dissension blew up and Ava found MoH, who was trying to get Kara going. We all went there. The first Kara raid was planned. I was keyed but not level 80, so Yak and I spent all day leveling me to 80 and my very first anything bigger than I 5 man was that night. It was our first anniversary.

MoH was full of high emotions for me because it was my first real guild and I didn't know I would meet so many awesome people online. We got through Kara, but felt a little held back from the inability to effectively work two groups. Left left and app'ed LOKI, using his friends as bartering chips to get into the rouge full guild. So I never actually app'ed to LOKI. It helped to get in as Yak's wife too, since he left Ruff on good terms.

Stuck it out in LOKI missing MoH SO much, but loving raiding. LOKI got flooded with bad players who brought us down and PvE disbanded. I went back to MoH for a little bit, but then stopped playing because THE SCHOOL YEAR STARTED AND THATS THE RESPONSIBLE THING TO DO. Christmas came, I saw Yak playing and was SO jealous of ZA and watching him raid again. I finished college and started raiding again and, well, the rest is history (and archived)!

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  1. Thanks for sharing that, it was a nice read! :)



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