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Darkmoon Greatness Card: Int vs Spirit; Which provides more MP5 for a Resto Druid?

*This post was written before 3.1. This post here reflects changes to mana regen from 3.1.

This post is for Steph, Court, and who all requested more info comparing the two Greatness Cards: Int vs Spirit. First, I would like to apologise to all of you for taking so long to respond. I have been a busy tree, but that is a post for another day. This post and this Monday morning, Presidents Day, off from work/school are dedicated to you!

Steph, Court, and sasmon all are (were) in the unique situation where their Int is higher than their Spi, especially while using the Greatness Int Card. When I first analyzed Resto Druid Trinkets, I did not consider this possibility, as I find spirit so abundant on our gear and so easy to enchant and gem for. But it is a possibility that a Druid would have a higher Int than Spi. If your Int is higher than your Spirit or you dance back and forth between the two stats, and you are using or considering using the Int or the Spirit Greatness cards, you may want to consider checking out the spreed sheet I made to see exactly how your choice will effect you.

General Observations
I have a 1:1.16 ratio of Int to Spi unbuffed. For my stats, I found...
- The Int Card gives more mana than the Spirit card, regardless of whether Int or Spirit procs.
- The Int Proc gives more mana than the Spirit proc, regardless of whether it is coming from the Int or Spirit card.
- For my stats right now: Int Card with Int Proc > Int Card with Spi Proc > Spi Card with Int Proc > Spi Card with Spi Proc
- The most surprising thing I found: All the card/proc combinations were within 6 MP5 of each other. IE if you bought the wrong card, its probably not worth beating yourself up!

I would LOVE for people to plug their realistic stats into this sheet and then tell me which card is best for them. I can't really use myself as an example, because my Spirit is higher than my Int. I also am open to any comments on my math. Feel free to download and fiddle with the sheet as well!

1. Download the sheet: Excel , Open Office

2. Replace Aert's stats in red with your UNBUFFED, 1 TRINKETED stats.

3. Look at the column that best matches the raid buffs you run with. (The whole sheet assumes you run with replenishment, since Blizz has flat up said they are assuming all raids have replenishment... They also assume you are in Tree of Life form.)

4. Compare the orange-ish colored pairs of numbers. If your Int is higher than your spirit, make sure you are looking at the two data sets for the Int proc. If your Spirit is higher than your Int, make sure you are looking at the two data sets for the Spirit proc.

5. The number in blue at the bottom of the data set will tell you how much regen you will receive from that card, under those buff situations.

6. Tell Aert what your stats are unbuffed, which card looks best for you, and/or what the differences are between the cards, so she can generate more examples for the other curious druids in the world! <3

1. All this number crunching is for 3.0 and will be obsolete come 3.1, if the mana changes they are suggesting come into play. When we get more data from the PTR and I get a little more free time, I will updata both trinket spreadsheets.
2. As of 2-16-09 I still recommend Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon for Resto Druids looking to up their mana regen.


  1. Well I'm NOT looking forward to the new patch. With a card like Greatness, you can't just go buy the other one if yours suddenly becomes obsolete. However, it might be that a new, better trinket comes out with the patch that is easier to obtain. Ya, I'm gonna hope for the latter.

    I put my stats in and it turns out there isn't all that much difference at all. In a panic I put in a ticket to get the spirit card and got that instead. Before I did that, and with the gear I had at the time, my intellect was only ONE point less than my spirit lol. So if I had a mage in group, I wasn't a happy camper. Knowing that having the int proc makes for more mana regen, I guess that didn't matter much after all.

    Long story short: I have the spirit card and I'm happy.

    Thank you so much for following up on this! I'm really just getting started in the whole druid healing game and want to be better.

  2. I am glad to hear you are happy with Greatness Spirit. Yeah, the patch is going to change all sorts of games... I have been trying to live for today, but now that we are starting to get some numbers we can start planning for tomorrow.

    I hope you are enjoying all of the awesome resto druid blog resources that there are out there on the internetz!

  3. Hello this is roak, a normally resto druid on Dragonmaw. With all of the new discussions of how int is now superior to spirit, its still not clear to me how to gem. I was gemming spirit, should i now be gemming intellect. Also with saphire owl gemmed with two 27 spirit or intellect gems does it now become superior to greatmmoon card and what is best to gem, int or spirit, you comments are appreciated



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