Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sixith Screenshot!

I got tagged by Keeva, so here is mine! Convenient that all my early folder screenshots are "Aertimus something or other"...

Aertimus  2007 Valentine's Day (aka "My Stripper Outfit")
The most awesome thing about it, is that was the gear I was actually wearing, NOT a sexy set. I would KILL for those pants back. If anyone knows pants that are also that model, let me know and I will love and praise you for the rest of my days!

Niniel at Swiftmend
Yakra at Mirror Shield


  1. you kidding? if I find those pants I'm telling every female night elf I know!

  2. The distinction that it wasn't a sexy set implies that you actually had a sexy set ;)

    You looked fierce!

  3. I have a sexy set NOW - see right side bar. (Yes, it is T5... I love T5.) But back then I just had one set of healing gear!

  4. Sigh... Those pants remind me so much of my cherished Rageclaw Leggings of the Owl. Same model, I think, different color.;source=live#Screenshots



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