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Pre-Naxx Resto Druid Gear

I have a plan! A gear plan that is! Which is fairly... okay... obsessively important to me, even if all the content out there is easysauce right now. Much thanks to Kaliban's Loot List, Wowhead, and Yakra (for letting me make lists when we should be leveling) for their help. Edit: OneHoTNElf posted a pre-heroics gear list a few hours after I posted my pre-Naxx list.

This list is not all inclusive and should not replace intelligent efforts and thoughts to figure out what is best for you. For far more all inclusive lists, see the filters Phae set up on Wowhead. I tried to give you options, focusing on Spellpower, Spirit, Haste, or MP5, so you can pick based on your healing style. I personally prioritize Spellpower and Spirit in most cases. You will not find crit on this list, because I'm still not buying that crit is worth the itemization nor the fights it would cause taking it over the critchickens.

Without further ado...

Reanimator's Cloak: Drak'Tharon Keep - Trash Drop - Low Drop Rate
Wispcloak: Craftable - 5 Frosteave, 6 Life, 4 Water, 1 Siren's Tear, 1 Orb
Subterranean Waterfall Shroud: H Old Kingdom - Jedoga Shaowseeker
Ancient Dragon Spirit Cape: H Oculus - Eregos

Moonshroud Robe: 8 Moonshroud, 6 Frostweave, 1 Eternium Thread, 1 Orb
Drakewing Raiment: H Oculus - Drakos
Robes of Crackling Flame: Kirin Tor - Exalted
Ymirjar Physician's Robe: Utgard Pinnacle - Trash- Low Drop Rate
Insect Vestments: H Azjol-Nerub - Anubarak

Earthgiving Boots: 10 Heavy Borean, 5 Life, 5 Water, 1 Orb
Sandals of Crimson Fury: Wymrest - Exalted
Cleric's Linen Shoes: H Nexus - Stoutbeard Kolurg

Spectral Seal of the Prophet: H Drak'Tharon Keep - Tharon'ja
Band of Guile: H Stratholme - Dark Runed Chest
Enchanted Wire Stitching: N Stratholme - Meathook
Ringlet of Repose: N Halls of Stone - Maiden of Grief

Grotto Mist Gloves: H Azjol-Nerub - Hadronox
Overlook Handguards: H Drak'Tharon Keep - Tharon'ja
Moonshroud Gloves: 4 Moonshroud, 4 Frostweave, 1 Eternium Thread, 1 Orb
Spellweave Gloves: 4 Spellweave, 4 Frostweave, 1 Eternium Thread, 1 Orb

Helm of Anomalus: H Nexus - Anomalus
Forgotten Shadow Hood: H Stratholme - Salramm
Cowl of the Dire Troll: H DrakTharon - Trollgore

Earthgiving Leggaurds: 12 Heavy Borean, 6 Life, 6 Water, 1 Orb
Leggings of the Winged Serpent: H DrakTharon - Tharon'ja
Skirt of the Old Kingdom: H Old Kingdom - Herald Volazj

Dragon Prow Amulet: Utgard Keep - Trash
Amulet of Dazzling Light: H Nexus - Anomalus

Runecaster's Mantle: Utgarde Keep - Trash

Elegant Temple Garden's Girdle: 40 Emblems of Heroism
Belt of Vivacity: H Halls of Lightening - Volkhan
Belt of Dark Mending: Ebon Blade - Exalted

Cuffs of Winged Levitation: H Oculus - Egergos
Cuffs of the Trussed Hall: H Utgarde Pinnacle - Svala

Two Handed
Staff of Draconic Combat: H Oculus - Eregos
Malygos Favor: N Oculus - Eregos

Off Hand
Handbook of Obscure Remedies: 25 Emblems of Heroism
Temple Crystal Fragment: H Drak'Tharon Keep - Novos
Frostbridge Orb: Oculus - Trash

Main Hand
War Mace of Unrequited Love: H Nexus - Keristrasza
Devout Aurastrone Hammer: 50 Emblems of Heroism
Crudgle of Saronite Justice: 15 Saronite Bars, 2 Water

Outgrowing this list? Try this one! It includes BoE, craftables, and badge loot from 3.1 and 3.2.

Edit: My 2 copper on trinkets can be found here.

Comments and criticism more than welcome!


  1. Wow! thanks Aertimus - I was a bit overwhelmed sorting through Phae's list, so this is a huge help to get me started.

    (Note that the link for War Mace of Unrequited Love actually links to Frostbridge Orb.)

    Kriyet (Bladefist)

  2. Fixed! Thank you for pointing that out and thank you for reading!

  3. Nice list! Tried to compile a list on my own before i found yours but missed lots of not-to-be-missed items :)

  4. I have a question which i couldnt find somewhere else:

    I got a nice healing set from TBC (around 1200 SP and 600 mana regen, > 10k mana and health)

    What stats (SP, regen etc) should i have before I can comfortably heal in Naxx 10? Reason I ask this is because I have little time to level and my guild will start raiding naxx next week. I must be able to hit 80 before that but then i didnt have enough time to farm heroics. Will I be able to get along with my current gear (and some upgrades found from quests and instances)

  5. This is awesome!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do it.

    Band of Guile is linking to Spectral Seal of the Prophet.

  6. Thanks!!! I should be hitting 80 tonight so it's almost time to respec and gear up for Naxx and this should help a lot.

    -Flokii (anvilmar)

  7. Thanks for this quick list. I'll keep it for reference - not yet 80 but in a couple of weeks I'll need this :D

  8. Excellent post to get virgin 80's to get up running in no time!

    A heads up - your ring "Band of Guile" links to "Spectral Seal of the Prophet"..


  9. Band of Guile now links to... Band of Guile : P

    Thank you for those who pointed it out.

    I hope everyone is still enjoying (and working for???) this list!

  10. Thanks for this great list.

    Just a question: how about titansteel guardian?
    I already have the War Mace of Unrequited Love but I think the spell power increse is well worth the loss in intellect and mana regen.
    And also it's a much better weapon for pvp.
    I already have all mats and a friend is going to craft it for free.
    Havent you included that weapon for a particular reason?

  11. Love the list and i'm farming all the heroics to see whats best and what i can get. Just out of curiousity, which trinkets would be good? I've still got my direbrew hops and a rinky dink green one. Any input?

  12. I have added a post on just trinkets!

  13. Thanks so much for the gear list :) It's extremely helpful. However, there is a pair of gloves that I'd like to point out - Overlook Handguards that drop from H Drak'tharon Keep off of The Prophet Tharon'ja. They have 49 stam, 51 int, 66 spirit and 77 spell power. Thanks again :D

  14. Thanks for the heads up Missy! I agree that I did overlook Overlook Handguards! I still think Grotto Mist Gloves is the best choice, once you socket it with a +19 spellpower gem, give its highest spellpower total (assuming ToL) and still high spirit. But Overlook Handguards are definitely on par with Moonshroud Gloves and arguably better than Spellweave Gloves (depending on your feelings on haste, which I'm not a huge fan of.) Thanks again!

  15. Hi Aertimus! It's Missy again xP I actually have a question this time, two in fact: Are you going to put glyphs on this list? If so, which glyphs do you recommend?

  16. Just curious why you listed created items for legs and boots but didn't choose to list the Titansteel guardian in the weapons.

  17. David, see my post from Dec 13th for a full and detailed answer to your question. It is a completely legitimate one and there many reason to argue FOR Titansteel Guardian.

  18. idols?

    I got stuck with this idol of lush moss or w.e it's called b4 someone told me it doesn't work. now I don't know what to get!

    Love reading everything as it helps me greatly. Awesome that you teach chemistry. I'm a biology major... you know, what lazy chemists learn.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.



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