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Hard Mode Ulduar Gear for Resto Druids

The long awaited list of Best in Slot Resto Druid gear from Hard Mode Ulduar! (Maybe not so long awaited?) Looking for gear from Normal Ulduar? Look here. Some things to keep in mind:

~ Obviously this list will evolve as more information about Ulduar is released.
~ This list includes gear from Hard and Normal, 25 and 10-mans, and T7. I picked the best raid gear available. Sometimes there are no items for a slot from a hard mode instance (yet?), so in those cases gear from normal instances is listed.
~ I'm trying to keep the list down to 3 items for each slot. I include more if I think its a total tie. Personally, I do not spend more than the minimum DKP bid on any items that are below the top 3.
~ I include cloth gear. Your guild policy may vary. Please keep in mind, your relationship with the holy priests in your guild is probably more important than have the number one piece of gear. Bid, roll, or beg with other players in mind.
~ Here the controversial part: I always gem for socket bonuses. This means I assume socket bonuses and assume they will be filled as follows:

~ I ranked gear based on effective spellpower and mana regen, not raw stats:

  • Effective spellpower assumes spellpower from spirit for being in Tree of Life.
  • Effective mana regen includes raw MP5, replenishment, and regen from spirit and int. Mana regen is a rough estimate - but it should remain more or less proportional when comparing gear. It is a rough estimate since spi/int regen will vary slightly depending on the amount of spirit and int you have currently. I assumed 1250 spirit and 1050 int raid buffed before equipping the new gear. I went with lowish numbers, because you are taking off the piece of gear you are about to replace.
  • Effective Int and Spirit for the above two calculations assume Blessing of Kings, Living Spirit, the 2% stat increase from Imp MotW, and the 2% Int meta gem.
~ After considering effective spellpower and mana regen I look at haste and crit - both are B stats. You want haste if you aren't going OOM and are not haste capped and crit if you are going OOM or you are haste capped.
~ If you think I'm missing an item that is better than one listed, please please let me know!!!
~ Look I made tables in html! It was exciting! I love learning to do new things!

More ***'s means it is better.
(T) = Throughput; focuses on haste and crit after spellpower.
(L) = Longevity; focuses on mana and crit after spellpower.

Item NameRatingInstanceBossTotal SpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Sunglimmer Cloak
***Ulduar 25 HardAlgalon 25 Quest10030039
Drape of the Sullen Goddess
**Ulduar 25 HardFreya8912400
Sunglimmer Drape
*Ulduar 10 HardAlgalon 10 Quest

Item NameRatingInstanceBossTotal SpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Crown of Luminescence***Ulduar 25 HardMimiron16564690
T8**Ulduar 25 NormalThorim14742059
Cowl of Dark Whispers
Ulduar 25 Normal
Unwavering Stare
Ulduar 25 Normal

Item NameRatingInstanceBossSpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Shoulderpads of Dormant Energies***Ulduar 25 Hard
Flame Leviathon14037550
Amice of the Inconceivable Horror**Ulduar 10 Hard
T8*Ulduar 25 Normal

Item NameRatingInstanceBossSpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Vestments of the Blind Denizen***Ulduar 25 Hard
General Vezak18452069
T8**Ulduar 25 Normal
Raiments of the Iron CouncilT*Ulduar 25 Normal
Dark Iron Council15540076
Blanketing Robes of SnowL*Eye of Eternity 25Malygos1555404

Item NameRatingInstanceBossTotal SpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Star-beaded Clutch***Ulduar 25 Hard
Belt of Arctic Life**Ulduar 25 Normal
Cord of the White Dawn
L*Ulduar 25 Normal
Belt of the Crystal TreeT*Ulduar 25 Normal
Dark Iron Council11729044

Item NameRatingInstanceBossTotal SpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Zodiac Leggings***Ulduar 10 Hard
T8**Ulduar 25 Normal
Leggings of the Lifetender*Ulduar 25 Normal

Item NameRatingInstanceBossTotal SpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Boots of Fiery Resolution***Ulduar 25 Hard
Flame Leviathon14239061
Boots of Wintry Endurance
L**Ulduar 25 Normal
Starlight TreadsL**Ulduar 10 Hard
Spellslinger's SlippersT**Ulduar 25 Normal

Item NameRatingInstanceBossTotal SpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Grasps of Reason***Ulduar 25 Hard
Shackles of the OdalisqueL**Ulduar 25 Normal
Bracers of the BroodmotherT**Ulduar 25 Normal
Esteemed BindingsL**Naxx 25Razuvious8222037

Item NameRatingInstanceBossTotal SpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Handwraps of the Vigilant***Ulduar 25 Hard
General Vezak12941740
Gloves of the Frozen Glade**Ulduar 25 Hard
Grips of the Unbroken*Ulduar 25 Normal
General Vezak12223034

I don't really recommend picking up Starshine Circle from the 25 man Algalon Quest. Use that quest to pick up the Sunglimmer Cloak. However, if you managed to get Drape of the Sullen Godess, are still running with pre-hardmode rings, and are running out of Ulduar time, you might want to consider Starshine Circle.
Item NameRatingInstanceBossTotal SpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Conductive Seal***Ulduar 25 Hard
Signet of Soft Lament***Ulduar 10 Hard
Starshine Circle**Ulduar 25 Hard
Algalon 25 Quest
Nebula Band*TUlduar 10 Hard
Glowing Band of Reclamation*LUlduar 25 Hard
Flame Leviathon8226390

Item NameRatingInstanceBossTotal SpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Sapphire Amulet of Renewal***Ulduar 25 Hard
Dark Iron Council9531035
Charm of Meticulous Timing**Ulduar 25 Hard
Pendant of the Somber Witness*LUlduar 10 Hard
Watchful Eye*TUlduar 10 Hard
Dark Iron Council9022040

Item NameRatingInstanceBossTotal SpellpowerTotal MP5CritHaste
Val'anyr (w/Ironmender)***Ulduar 25 HardYogg-Saron7333747120
Ironmender***Ulduar 25 Normal

Constellus (w/ Ironmender)**Ulduar 25 Hard
Staff of Endless WinderL*Ulduar 25 Hard
Aesuga (w/ Ironmender)T*Ulduar 10 HardGeneral Vezax705384596



  1. After last night's 3 hour wipefest on Mimiron, hard modes feel like they're a lifetime away, but I'm bookmarking this anyway!

  2. Some 10 man hard modes are attainable for LOKI right now, but yes, 25 man hard modes seem weeks away still. It can't hurt to have an idea of what yummy gear is out there though! Or what slots DON'T have a lot of upgrade options.

    Good luck on Mimiron! I think it is one of the best/most fun fights in the instance. (It took us an insane number of hours though...)

  3. Are there any trinkets that only drop from Hard Modes?

  4. Show of Faith Ulduar 25 Hard Yogg-Saron:

    Meteorite Crystal Ulduar 10 Hard Algalon:

    Trinkets are a topic of their own. I haven't had the time to research/analyze them as much as I would want to before I make an "official" Aert recommendation. So thats just whats out there for now!

  5. I view Hard Mode loot kind of like Tifanny's diamonds. It is bright, and shiny, and beautiful...and if I work hard enough I will eventually get to wear them!

    (Mine is coming as soon as my student loans get paid off! when I'm 60 ;))

    Great list, Aertimus!

  6. And since I can't spell "Tiffany's", Cartier diamonds work just as well ;-)

  7. Diamonds are a tree's best friend??? I know I'm mostly just drooling on the window. I will be very happy if we get the 25 man stuff on hard mode- forget getting the stuff I want to drop too. But window shopping is a legit past time, right? *Puts on cubic zirconia*

  8. This is great thanks so much :)



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