Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Apologies...

My apologies if being a tree was what really drew you to the class.

Since being a tree in WoW, every game I play, I play I TREE if available.

Last I checked, three quarters of my blogroll were references to TREEs.

My hand picked phone number spells out the word TREE.

My vanity licence place has the word TREE in it.

I know I'm not really around anymore to go through this with you guys, but I want you to know I feel terrible for you. I love you. And I support you and TREE form.


  1. Aertimus! We have missed you so!

  2. You know... I like porn as much as the next tree, but this spam is getting old.

  3. I hope they make a "medium" glyph to keep us in tree form! (medium glyphs mentioned in same press release as scrapping path of titans)tree form is NICE



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