Friday, January 25, 2008

About Time

For years I kept a journal - like the real paper and pen thing. At some point I switched to Xanga, which I lovingly called "" Both were full of pre-marriage angst, or at least I wanted them to be, however, I'm wasn't quite angsty enough to maintain such a facade. Since I have been married I have found very little reason to journal, not because life isn't worth sharing, but because there is always someone there to share with.

So why attempt to start a blog now? Because as I have searched the edges of the internetz for information and ideas to help me be the best HoTs Tree I can be, blogs by fellow resto druids have proven to be some of the most helpful. And we all know that what the internet really needs is more tree babbling about stacking spirit and rolling lifebloom.

I am just a little druid on the "behind the times" server, Darkspear. (Illidan was just downed last night by Vox Radix for the first time - I know I am proud of them!) I am in the guild, LOKI, known for our ability to fall apart seasonally and regroup at the drop of a hat, and for our guild master, RuffianX, who has a unique way with the ladies. I started playing WoW about two years ago. I never hit level 60 pre-BC and only reached 70 this past May. I went on my first Kara raid the day I hit 70, fell in love, and never looked back. I am married to Yakra, a prot. warrior, who is one of LOKI's main tanks and officers. I like to think we make quite the team. Our DPS is abysmal, but we can run a pretty mean group and, my God, are we hard to gank.

In the "real world", I am a recent college graduate, with a BS in Chemistry with Teaching Certification. I am currently unemployed due to vast amounts of time it takes for paperwork to get through the system. Hence the free time to write a blog and ponder the ways to put out more healing. If I am very lucky I will be subbing soon and this blog will fade into oblivion.

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  1. Welcome! I look forward to reading what you have to share. :)



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I've been playing WoW since Easter Sunday 2005, coincidentally the same day I became engaged to my forever husband and tank Chad, aka Yakra. I have held the roles of druid class officer, healing role officer, and general secretarial type officer in two guilds. Currently, I am not playing WoW. When I'm playing, my blog, like my life, is casualcore PvE healing focused. (I love gear math!) When I'm not playing WoW... well, I can't quite tell you what this blog will be about since I have never blogged while not playing WoW! Expect to see reflections on being a married WoW player and on just being married, stories from my other RP adventures (LARPing and table top), and accounts of my life's most meaningful activity: teaching chemistry.

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