Sunday, January 27, 2008

Upper Kara: Two Healers

Tonight we did upper Kara with just two healers - myself and a pally. She is one of few healers I probably would have trusted to do upper Kara alone with.

Nightbane was a little stressful because of the aggro I have built up going into the flying phase, and I snapped at people having non-Nightbane conversations. I think I hurt one of our hunters feelings, even though it wasn't directed at her. I can have a temper when my deep concentration is interrupted. We one shot Nightbane none the less.

One shot Illhoof as well, only because of our Pally's clutch healing. Normally for Illhoof I watch Deadly Boss Mods so I can stack 4 HoTs on myself right before sacrifice, that way if I'M the sacrificed, it helps out the other two healers. Well, tonight I was the first one sacrificed, before DBM's timer starts to kick in. I thought we were done for sure, but our Pally kept me up! The rest of the fight went as anticipated. AND I got the Mender's Heart Ring, which is technically better then the Jade Ring of the Everliving (From Nightbane) for 25 man raids since it has 19 spirit. I got the ring only because of said awesome Pally who passed to me.

We wiped the first time on Aran (a little embarrassing!). I got arcane missiled right off the bat and died like a freaking n00b. I was BRezed, but with only one other healer it was just too late. We got him the second time around in a more or less normal way!

Netherspite went well. I was nervious since so many people take damage throughout so much of the fight, but I hardly noticed that we were down a healer, honestly! Our Pally died, but I was able to pull her back up this time and we hardly missed a beat.

Chess... well... I love chess! I get to play a horsey and kick things in the face! That is all!

PRINCE we one shot which is a miracle with 3 healers. I almost wonder if the extra DPS helped a bunch. Or maybe it was lucky infernal drops (which I think I am getting better at calling). Maybe our Pally and I are just THAT awesome.

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