Monday, January 28, 2008

Fathom-Lord Karathress Down!

I don't know if he dropped like a drunken cheerleader, but he finally did drop. We had a few wipes in the beginning, the first of which I attribute to trying new tanking locations, which just were not working out. It was just a 180 degree rotation around the room, the the MT healer couldn't keep him up during positioning. She seemed to feel bad about it, but I don't think there was anything she could have done. If SHE couldn't keep him up, like, no one could.

Before we adjusted the tanking location I tried to change around healing to fix the problem, and we ended up running with that second plan. I will adjust my below guild to reflect what was finally the most successful. Sadly, even after going back to original tanking locations and going to the new healing plan, our priest healing the hunter and hunter pet tank d/c'ed twice. There was a storm at their house, but we didn't figure out what was going on right away. Once we switched him out, Karathress went down on the next try.

I started out the fight healing the Shaman tank (Yakra, my husband, was tanking him.) Us three healers got hit by every spitfire totem and there was nothing we could do about it. I kept all 5 HoTs on Yakra and threw lifeblooms and rejuv's on myself as much as I could in the rotation. We had a dedicated healer and I don't think there is any other way we could have done it. After the shaman went down, I headed over to heal the main tank (Ruffianx) and both times I made it that far I got killed by the spitfire totem. I still should have had a healer on myself. I'm not sure if the totem hits harder or if there is just too much going on for another healer to keep a squishy tree up. This problem will be reflected in changes to my game plan strategy. Frankly, I feel like crap for being dead for so much of the fight and being at the bottom of the healing meters.

After you down Karathress, and NPC spawns and you can get the first quest in the Black Temple attunement chain. This quest allows you to be a Broken in TK, so a bunch of us went after the raid to have a Broken party in TK. I can hardly believe I am on the BT attunement quest chain!

As if downing him wasn't enough. As if being on the BT attunement chain wasn't enough. I got loot!!! I got my Tier
Five Pants! Okay, everyone saw it coming with my 316 DKP - which was the most in the guild, but it was still super exciting. I tossed in a little extra something to our poor rouge who was forced to take bids :P Our GM bid second with 240 DKP, forcing me to cough up 241 DKP. He could have hit me for more. Many congrats followed. I hope the guild thinks I will put them to good use! I gemmed them already, but still need to add spell thread. This puts me at 2/5 T5 (omg crazy!). But most importantly, they are super cute!

In other awesome news, I got mentioned in Leafshines blog! I like reading her blog especially because talks about her guilds triumphs over specific kara bosses and links videos. I will probably not do the video thing, but her blog was one of my inspirations about doing entries for specific boss!

So it was just an all around awesome night! I stayed up late to celebrate and then slept until 1pm this afternoon. Ops! Maybe I should try going outside... or cleaning... what is this real world thing again? And why aren't my pants as cute?

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