Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OMG Officer!

It has been a busy 24 hours-ish in my World (of Warcraft). This afternoon I logged on and got grabbed by some guild-ies who wanted to talk about playing alternate healing characters that might be more needed than their mains. I went to run some of it by Ruffian and after it was all worked out I was hanging out in the channel. And Ruff was like "Oh, yeah, congratulations." And promoted me to officer!!! So excited! We had spoken about it before, but he wanted to promote the current priest/druid healing officer to a commander (like a general raid and assistant guild leader.) So now I am officially a healing officer and no longer unofficial. I have some pretty big roots to fill though.

I also have finished editing the Fathom strat to reflect what I learned last night.

In other news, my FBI clearances came today and I touched up my letter of interest and resume so I can send in my packet for substitute teaching very soon! It will be very nice to be in schools again!

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