Thursday, January 31, 2008


It was Wednesday night, and we pulled Vashj. Not only does that mean we cleared the first 5 bossed in SSC in two days, a first for LOKI, but we PULLED VASHJ. TWICE! Apparently between the downing of the last boss and the pulling of Vashj there is this epic bridge rising out of the water moment. Well, I missed that part. So did 23 other raid members. Why? Because my over excited TANK of a HUSBAND decided to go ahead and open the door without us there. His excuse? He thought it would just slide apart. How he thought we would get across? He didn't think about it. He has been thoroughly shunned and picked on by guild members and even non-guild members and sentenced to the sofa for his foolishness. If he had watched the video strats he would have known, right?!?

So back to the part about how we PULLED VASHJ. Phase one obviously went fine. The first time into phase two our DPS was assigned all wrong *cough* Ruffs fault *cough* and I confused some of our best healers with my hasty healing assignments. The second time, one of our very organized and very high DPSers did DPS assignments and I believe it went much better. I would like to think I helped explain things to the better healers too. Striders were successfully kited. Elites were not successfully tanked, however they were successfully DPSed. Elementals were more or less dieing as the should. My north side had some trouble because my group forgot which way was North *cough* Ruff *cough*. Tainted Elementals were not even close to dieing.

Tomorrow we will spend a solid 3 hours on her. I cannot WAIT!


  1. Grats on Pulling Vashj. We've pulled her over 50 times in the past 2 weeks and still, no dice...

    Oh, and in OUR guild, the Mages open the bridge before everyone gets there. This week I'm not even waiting on the last piece of Morogrim Loot. I'm Cat-form sprinting to the Bridge.

  2. do it. If you haven't seen the bridge open its something you MUST do if you can because it is a very cool bit on animation on Blizzard's part. Good Luck to you and your guild Maerdred.



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