Thursday, February 14, 2008

3 Days Equals 3/4 TK

I have been a busy busy tree the last week. To spare my RL friends who want to read my blog, I start starting with my RL update.

I have been filing out an application for a general/physical science position that would be like my DREAM job right now, in the district I really want to be in. The biggest addition to my app was a GLOWING letter of recommendation from my curriculum design teacher who said I was among the top 3 student teachers he has had in his 27 years and the most outgoing student teacher he has had.

Then I had an interview on Monday for a subbing position in the same district. It was mostly a "do you have all your paperwork and no eye brow ring" type interview. So I got the sub job and I can start on the 25th. Its day to day, so we will see how it goes. Hopefully I will be very busy!

And a transition from teaching to wow - one of my guildmates is a high school student and they knew I was a chem teacher and told me they bombed a chem test recently. So out the window went paying attention for Kara trash and in came all the graphic organizers and short cuts I could e-mail him for naming different types of compounds In a way I was surprised that I could stop playing that fast, but in another way I wasn't, since I love teaching so so much. Now I just hope they can pull their grade up!

And on to the meat of the post: How LOKI roflpwned TK this past week.

On Tuesday we went into Alar. The huge majority of us had never done Alar before. It was a long three hours, we had to clear trash twice. Each attempt we progressed a little more and a little more. Phase One was learned fairly quickly by all our tanks 3 cycling tanks. Healing was fine so long long as they stayed in LOS. Phase Two was, of course, where things became complicated. Bird adds being tanked all over with trees frantically following their tanks. DPS that didn't understand the concept "Don't stand by the door". (Can you tell I assigned myself to healing the off tanks by the door?!) It was fun times all around, but awesome that we got him in only three hours of practice and attempts.

Wednesday was High Astromancer Solarian. Longer trash equaled blah, and we had to clear it twice. However, I think she would have been cake if people understood how to turn on their DBM announcement (I mean it
yells "Run away little girl!" at you for Pete's sake!) or downloading SolarianAlarm. Once that was all set and people were canceling their casts to run the heck away, she went down supper easy. Kind of a boring fight I think for me. All I did was raid heal and HoTs the AOEers before all the mobs rushed the raid.

Thursday was Void Reaver. LOKI downed VR more times than I can remember this past summer. I actually have always liked the fight. It is fairly tree friendly as we can cast on the move, while running away from arcane orbs. I get in this happy little back and forth pattern with my (hopefully) competent group, calling out "Group 1&5, left", "Group 1&5, right." All the while I am HoTs, HoTs, HoTs the melee and tanks. The second attempt, we got probably 6 minutes into the fight before resetting it and I checked the healing meters. I had done a little under 40% of the healing, and we had 7 healers in the raid! Yes, shamans and druids have a big advantage on VR, and I am among the best geared healers in the guild - but 40% is uncalled for. People were just dieing too early from orbs. You know that expression, "I'm starting to sound like my parents!" I found myself starting to sound like the resto druid who has been in LOKI the longest: "How hard is it to run away from the orb? The come SO slow. I can run away and I'm a freaking TREE!!!" But VR went down, about two hours total. And to be fair, we have A LOT of people in there who had never seen VR before.

PS: This post is dedicated to Tolsmir, enhancement shaman and LOKI's Physical DPS officer, who has been bugging me to update my blog for the last few days!

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