Sunday, February 17, 2008

All my Innervate are Belong to... Who?

You have read it a thousand times this week: "Spirit-Based Mana Regeneration: This system has been adjusted so that as your intellect rises, you will regenerate more mana per point of spirit."

You have possibly (hopefully!) also read some of the following posts/threads as well:
Spreadsheet from Elitist Jerks (For those just wanting to know what their new MP5 could be. Don't forget to add back in your static MP5 at the end.)
HealerLFG: News from the PTR: Int > Spi Regen (Talks about when your Mp5 will be helped more by Int than by Spirit - With Graphs!)
Priestly Endeavors: Pondering 2.4 Mana Regen (How this change will effect Spi to Int to MP5 conversions as well as just how much our mana regen could increase.)
Priestly Endeavors: 2.4 Mana Regen Sweetspot, Revisited (A plain explanation of what to do to your stats and when and what not to do ever.)
Resto4Life: Its Not ALL About the Heals (Reflections on how 2.4 mana regen could change raiding as a whole.)
Elitist Jerks: Int -> Spi Conversion on the PTR (All the math. Be warned, EJ sometimes eats my soul for hours.)

I plugged in my stats for my high spirit outfit (the one I wear 90% of the time raiding as out ToL Buff Druid) and found I am looking at a possible 66 MP5 increase in combat. If I stop there my "High Mana Regen" outfit just became obsolete. I have not yet crunched numbers (or found the crunched numbers) to see how this will effect Innervates and BoEB to find out what my "real" mana regen increase will be. I'm also glad I JUST got the Beasts Deck to turn into the Blue Dragon Card yesterday. I'm thinking this is going to skyrocket in desirability and price.

Like Kirk at Priestly Endeavors, I too rarely go OOM. What the heck is this new system going to mean for me? I'm thinking all my Innervates are going to belong to... well... somebody else!

Dedicated to Touche and Vault who found me the Ace and Eight of Beasts, respectively, by constant Trade Chat spam-age. Maybe all my Innervates shall belong to them!

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  1. I updated the spreadsheet to a newer version, again off of EJ. I like this one far better, since the original one averaged druid and priests Live mana regen. It was easy enough to fix on the old sheet, but this new one includes raid buffs and innervate values.



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