Saturday, February 23, 2008

Be Imba! and Be In Pants

I have a new favorite toy! Be Imba! It lets you quickly analyze a character on their PvE-ness. It analyzes gear, looks for gems and enchants, suggests instances, and for does a talent analysis (for some classes at this point.) Of course there are some flaws and some things are subjective. Some of it is down right funny, such as my husbands ability to free up 1 defense rating! Here is me - I smell like PvP:
I foresee myself using this a lot, especially once all the talents are done for all the healing classes. I think it will save me a lot of time dealing with new healing applicants to LOKI. Instead of mousing over every single item and looking at each talent page and making notes, this will just do it for me. Obviously some things must be taken with a grain of salt. Does it matter if someone has a green gem or one of their enchants isn't the most expensive one out there? No probably not. But if the have 6 unenchanted items and they think they are getting into LOKI, they don't deserve the time it would take me to mouse over each item!

All my friends in my Kara raid tonight found this amazing and had me look them up one by one and tell them what was wrong. This lead to the apparently hilarious comment by me: " Gamish, you have one low quality gem in your pants!" It didn't sound that bad when I was saying it, I swear!

And speaking of pants, I made a birthday gift for our great guildmaster today. He has not let me hear the end of it for getting the first and so far only druid T5 pants. So I made him these:
Wow Item Creator!

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