Sunday, February 24, 2008

Zul'Jin Down! (And Zul'Jin Healing Strat)

Finally, LOKI has managed to drop Zul'Jin!!!
I am ridiculously excited and not in the least bit ashamed that it has taken us this long! We have been doing SSC (well, TK that one week) 3 - 4 nights a week, and the weeks that it was 3 nights raids were canceled for specific reasons (Superbowl Sunday, Valentines Day, etc.) Kara with real life friends is always Fridays. That leaves 2 nights a week that we are supposed to have off that a few of us really STUPID people have been throwing our bodies and consumibles against the brick walls known as Hex Lord and Zul'Jin. In that context, I think it is pretty cool that we downed him!

Yakra main tanked the kill. He is very excited.

Healing for our successful kill was as follows:
Phase 1: Troll Paladin on the MT the whole time. Priest and druid switching to people as they get the Grievous Throw debuff. I stay in Night Elf form and cast max rank Healing Touch (macroed to my Idol of the Avian Heart, of course) on them and lifebloomed the tank in between.

Phase 2: Bear All three healers run around behind the main tank, while all DPS run behind the bear. This allows the shadow priest to use mass dispel on the DPS without it being 'wasted' on a healer or the MT. The pally dispelled the MT then himself. The priest dispelled himself and then me. I shifted back into ToL and kept all HoTs on the MT the whole time. The priest and pally on the MT when they weren't dispelling and me raid healing.

Phase 3: Eagle I will have nightmares about this phase for the rest of my life. I moved into a predetermined corner of the main platform - NOT into one of the wings. The predetermined part was important so that the pally and priest could move near me if I told them they were too far away or out of LoS. I then rolled Lifeblooms on myself and the two other healers. Constantly. I stacked as much heal as my very spirit directed gear allowed and the ticks were for about 670. Yes, this means I took 1,250 damage from the electrical storm about every 1.75 seconds. This is counter to what you are told to do on the Zul'Jin guide on Bosskillers. But now instead of three healers trying to cast as little as possible for this phase, the pally and the priest casted their largest heals almost constantly on the person who had the lowest health at the time. Of course they were very vocal about who they were healing to prevent overheal and DPS did try to bandage whenever possible.

This method has worked the best, by far, for all LOKI Zul'Jin attempts. It does lead to weird things like... me doing "40%" of the healing for the fight and the other two healers each doing "20%" each. I will be looking for Moia's Wow Web Stats report to get a better look at the true healing break down.

Phase 4: Lynx Pally and priest on main tank most of the time, switching to the person being Claw Charged and then casting their fastest heals. I HoTed the MT as much as I could, but most of my time was split between Rejuv'ing (and sometimes Lifeblooming) the people with the Lynx Rush DoT on them and healing the person being claw charged. What I finally ended up doing to heal said claw charged person was Rejuv, Swiftmend, Regrowth, Rejuv. Attempts where I Regrowth'ed first didn't seem to cut it.

Phase 5: DragonHawk Almost all heals on the tank, with the occasional healing and HoTing on the raid. This is really a test to see if you have enough people up to DPS him down before his "soft enrage" timer (too many stacks of the flame whirl debuff.) Just move out of the Columns of Fire ASAP!

This fight makes me want to cry, but my gosh, is it a test of all abilities for everyone involved. As a Resto Druid I have to (1) HT as an elf, (2) Single tank HoT and Raid Heal, (3) Roll multiple stacks of Lifeblooms while moving, (4) HoT and Swiftmend huge, fast bleed amounts, and (5) Have enough mana in the end to keep up the MT as he takes more and more damage. I can't think of a fight that pushes me to the very edges of my abilities more!!!

And after it is all over there is an awesomely cute party with booze and fireworks! My gosh, did I need the booze and fireworks! And loots I suppose too. (Did you know bosses drop loot?! I always forget...) There is nothing on Zul'Jin for Resto Druids, but my very happy, seriously matching, dwarf warrior of a husband got the Chestguard of the Warlord. He also made this video of our kill! (This is his first video so we are all required to be very proud.) If you look closely you can see me be bounced around and zapped over and over again in the corner. Here is a better, downloadable version of our kill.

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