Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2.4 INT vs SPI

Phea over at Resto4Life has been back from her vacation for a bit now and one of her first posts back was a great analysis of how Spirit will compare to Intellect in 2.4. I'm going to assume anyone reading this post has read her post.

What she did not include in her analysis was the Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon trinket, which I picked up recently in anticipation of the 2.4 mana regen. She has a great graph of 4 different fight lengths, but I was also interested in varying time between casts and innervate use, both of which vary greatly from fight to fight. Heck, last night on Vashj I almost gave my innervate to someone else! (Almost being the key word.)

So I took all of Phea's hard work (from the above post and this post) and made a spreadsheet to calculate the relative value of Int to Spi given various:
1. Fight Lengths
2. Cast Frequency
3. Time Inside 5SR
4. Use of Innervate
5. Points in Intensity
6. Presence of BoEB and/or Blue Dragon Card (Just delete or set to 0% active if you don't have it)

*Note One: I did very little work. Phea did the hard stuff.
*Note Two: I'm still new at this, so please feel free to tell me what I have screwed up.
This was just on of the things I did with my day off, since I did not get a call to substitute today. Other things I did included filing my taxes and updating my healer attendance to boss kill spreadsheet. My head has been swimming with numbers. I wish I was just a little bit better at all this crunching stuff!

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