Saturday, March 8, 2008

So Deeply in Love

I fall so deeply in love with everything: songs, LOKI, healing, my students. Once I decide something is worth my time and energy I give it 100%. If its not worth doing to 100%, its probably not worth doing at all. A few things have brought up these thoughts recently:

Yesterday I subbed at the high school where I student taught and ran into some of my former students. I got to see their faces light up, see them smile and wave, and hear how their new semester was going. It reminded me how much I thought about them and invested in them and their education while I was teaching them. And how much I missed them. They were , and still are, worth 100%. More than anything else I have ever found. I cried the whole way home because they made me so happy.

A few days ago, I was on standby for Vashj, and my old guild asked if I would come do High King and Gruul's with them, they needed another healer. So I went and I remembered how much time and effort I invested in them. They are great people and learning Kara with them was some of my best WoW experience. When my group of RL friends decided it was time to because of some serious conflicts with a few people in the guild, it broke my heart. It was one of the hardest things I had done WoW related, because these people were my friends too. So of course I cried myself to sleep the night I left.

Two nights ago Ruffian removed some guild members. The one's I was speaking about before, that gave me grief about invites even though I wad trying to be fair. They had been giving him even more grief apparently. This makes me feel a little sad, because I want my healers to be happy so badly. I wish we had found a way to work it out. Thank you to those who did give me some advice. I think I am going to continue comparing raid attendance to boss kills to track major differences. But when it has come to close ties over the last few nights I have tried to use things like who needs loot of a boss, who hasn't seen the boss downed before at all, who is a better healer, who has been in the guild longer, and who has to leave early or wasn't able to come the following night because of work/kids as my deciding factors, instead of the one or two actual percentage points.

It seems hard and it is a little time consuming, but I feel like my healers are worth 100% and LOKI is worth 100%. Once they aren't, I will probably stop playing wow all together.

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