Friday, March 21, 2008

Healing Kael' Plan B...

Wednesday night we made a handful of Kael' attempts. Our raid schedule has been seriously reduced for the week and we have lots of members unable to raid this week because of the Easter Holiday. (I'm glad family and friend obligations are of high importance to our officers and members, but thats a story for a different day.) We did have one attempt where we got all the weapons down though! Hardly, maybe, but we did it! And we were able to get a good handle on what DPS order and tanking rotation works for us. It felt like progression all night. What phase or transition will make us feel like we are banging our heads against the wall? I have gotten the serious impression that happens at some point...

Yakra made some changes to his original tanking plan shortly before the raid and sadly I did not have the time to adjust the healing plans appropriately. (You would think that having the healing and tanking officers married to each other would increase officer communication, but that is not always so. Sometimes our officer comunication involves screaming at each other at the top of lungs in our office and freaking our guildmates out if one of us pushes the push-to-talk key.)

So healing was sloppy. Very very sloppy. And I feel really guilty. I spent some time this afternoon re-meshing the healing to Yakra's tanking plan while including Lonetree's advice. (Thanks again!) I probably should have considered Swiftmend's Strat a little bit more, but I have been so busy with real life stuff... Without further adieu, here is my New and Improved Kael' Healing Plan:

All Healers

Phase 1.1:
DPS and Raid Heal
Phase 1.2:
Heal Sangruinar Tank (Tank 2)
Phase 1.4:
Heal Engineer Tank (Tank 3)
Phase 4:
DPS Shield When Up As Able

Phase 5:
Raid Heal During Gravity Lapse

Healer 1 (Pally)
Phase 1.3:
Lock Tank
Phase 2: Tank 1 (Sword & Shield)
Phase 3: Tank 1 (Finishing Shield) -> Tank 3 (Engineer)
Phase 4&5: Tank 1 (Kael’)

Healer 2 (Shaman or Druid)
Phase 1.3:
Lock Tank
Phase 2: Tank 2 (Mace) -> Tank 4 (Axe)
Phase 3: Tank 2 (Sanguinar)
Phase 4&5: Tank 1 (Kael’)

Healer 3 (Druid or Shaman)
Phase 1.3 -> 1.4:
Raid Heal -> Ready to Heal Tank 3 (Engineer)
Phase 2: Hunter (Bow) -> Tank 3 (Daggers and Staff)
Phase 3: Tank 3 (Engineer)
Phase 4&5: Tank 1 (Kael’)

Healer 4 (Priest or Pally)
Phase 1.3:
Tank 4 (Conflagrations)
Phase 2: Tank 4 (Axe)
Phase 3: Tank 4 (Finishing Axe) -> Ready to Heal Tank 4 (Phoenixes)
Phase 4&5: Tank 4 (Phoenixes)

Healer 5 (Priest or Druid)
Phase 1.3:
Lock Tank
Phase 2: Tank 1 (Sword & Shield)
Phase 3: Lock tank
Phase 4&5: Lock Tank (Finishing) -> Tank 1 (Kael’)

Healer 6 (Pally, Priest, or Druid)
Phase 1.3:
Tank 4 (Conflagrations)
Phase 2: Tank 3 (Daggers and Staff)
Phase 3: Lock Tank
Phase 4&5: Lock Tank (Finishing) -> Tank 4 (Phoenixes)

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  1. You're welcome. :) Hope it helps.

    Transitioning through Phase 3 is the wall, in My opinion. Figuring out how to get the weapons down in Phase 2 quickly is critical, as getting the tanks and healers into position to pick up the adds is going to make or break the rest of the fight. Once you can do that, and survive Phase 3, the rest is really not as difficult. The hurdle to get Phoenixes under control in Phase 4 is much smaller, and Phase 5 is cake with a nearly full raid.



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