Friday, March 14, 2008

Want to Blog Less Suck

Matticus, over at World of Matticus, wrote this handy "9 Things Every WoW Blogger Must Have on their Blog". comparing his list to my blog a little over a week ago, I realized how many things I was missing and possibly how much my blog sucks. So my new blog goal is to make my blog, well, less suck.

1. About Me: I don't have anything remotely like this. I touched on some of it in my first post, but I definitely need to add something for any new visitors who find their way to my blog. *Done Now*

2. RSS Subscribe Link: This I did as soon as I read the recommendation, however, I am not happy with its look. So I still need to do something about that. *Somewhat happier with how it looks*

2b. Feedburner: Not required, but related, I set myself up a feedburner account and am happy to see I have 89 subscribers. I may add one of those little box things that says subscriber number to my blog. Of course my reach is much lower. I'm hopping to use all those pieces of information to focus my blog more on what my readers want to see.

3. Contact Info: I figure I will include this with my "About Me" section. *Done, including a brand new e-mail address*

4. Categories and Archives: So easy it was one of the first things I did when I set up my blog.

5. Search Box: Luckily, blogger does this automatically for me, or I would be screwed.

6. Blogroll: In possess. I have the sites I read the most there, but I am still trying to decide what really interests me using my handy dandy completely over whelming feeder.

7. Armory Profile: Done!

8. Copyright License: This may be last if ever... I don't really even think I have anything here worth copyrighting. *Done thanks to help from Dire Aquatic Form*

9. Item Tool Tips: Did that on my own before reading this too! Maybe I'm not a complete blogging failure.


  1. As far as the copyright notice goes, if you use the Creative Commons license, it takes all of about two minutes to set up. You choose your options, it selects the appropriate license and generates the html to put into your blog layout. I threw mine into a page element at the bottom of my blog and it was all done.

  2. Thank you for the good advice! =)
    Good luck with everything!

  3. I've got a new song for you by the way, check out Young Love(The Shoes Remix) by Mystery Jets. I love it! =)



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