Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Better Blog Achieved?

Last night during (yes, during) Kara I made substantial progress on 'fixing' my Blog. I added some info about Aertimus to the right and about myself at the bottom. I added copyright information at the bottom as well. Huge thanks go out to Malfean at Dire Aquatic Form who made copyrighting idiot (Aertimus?)-proof, and to Matticus who helped Malfean out! I also added a little counter so everyone can see all my lovely subscriptions. Any advice or criticism on my possibly better blog appreciated!

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  1. To be fair, and give credit where credit is due, I got hooked up with the Creative Commons License through Blog Azeroth and Matticus over at



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I've been playing WoW since Easter Sunday 2005, coincidentally the same day I became engaged to my forever husband and tank Chad, aka Yakra. I have held the roles of druid class officer, healing role officer, and general secretarial type officer in two guilds. Currently, I am not playing WoW. When I'm playing, my blog, like my life, is casualcore PvE healing focused. (I love gear math!) When I'm not playing WoW... well, I can't quite tell you what this blog will be about since I have never blogged while not playing WoW! Expect to see reflections on being a married WoW player and on just being married, stories from my other RP adventures (LARPing and table top), and accounts of my life's most meaningful activity: teaching chemistry.

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