Friday, May 9, 2008

Since Someone Won't Let It Die...

...I will post.

Real Life Updates:
I started a new job at the very end of March. I am teaching chemistry and science. I love it. It's been rough coming in at the end of a year and trying to pick up the pieces were the former teacher checked out 3 months ago. My students couldn't balance equations in March. Thats a problem. So there was some frustration. But I love it. My gosh, I love it. Long hours. Long, long hours... but the students are worth it. If anything is worth 125% its them.

I took up drinking... it saves my sanity. (Its not as bad as it sounds.)

I have NOT been even CLOSE to keeping up with post reading. Let me know what I've missed in the last month that I HAVE to read.

WoW Updates:
We downed Kael' after about 3 weeks of working on him. And have downed him 3 times since. So we consider our kill secured. He was a REALLY fun boss to learn and coordinate.

Then we moved on to Hyjal and downed the first 4 bosses in two nights. And then we did it again. Then tried Archie and got him to 65% on the first night. Then we did the first 4 bosses in one night...

Then moved to BT. And did the first two bosses the first night we were in there. I was disappointed by Warlord. I thought it would be more challenging. We are going back to BT Sunday to see how much more we can down.

No fat loots. I don't even know what drops from half the bosses. I again have the most unspent DKP in the guild.

I've been kicking and inviting and promoting and demoting healers more. I want membership and rank to mean more. I think my spreadsheet has been working wonderfully. My healers all seem pretty happy. I know I am happy with them. I continue to be madly in love with LOKI.

So thats it! Thank you to those who have payed attention to my lack of posts, and I look forward to catching up more in a month *sigh*.


  1. Yay! You are back! :)

    Congratulations on your new job and on downing Kael!

    I'm glad to hear you are making nice progress in Hyjal and BT as well!

    We have Archimonde on 36% and have yet to try Reliquary of Souls in BT.

    Take care!

  2. Nice post and grats! I'm curious what sorts of things you are talking about with regard to your healers? We are struggling a bit right now with finding ways to encourage our healers to up their performance.




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