Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Archimonde Down!

Summer is upon me in all of its glory, and what better way to start it than by downing Archimonde?!

We spent a total of 10 hours on him. Our final solution - go through the WoW Web Stats for the previous night attempts and list every first and second death, why they dead, and applicable comments (like the time I was healing myself through grip instead of shifting out and decurseing myself. I blame the mage...)

And then our 30 minutes "L2 use tears" session before we started attempts on the last night. We spent 30 minutes jumping off the cliff as a group until we were able to do it 3 times in a row without anyone dieing. Then and only then, would the great Ruffianx let us start attempts. No one cratered on any of our 3 attempts. We got him down on the 3rd, the first time we got him to 10%.

Nothing out of the ordinary for how we set up groups. Shaman with tremor totem in each group. Decurser (mage, boomkin, or elf formed ToL druid) in each group (except melee). At least 2 healers in each group (except melee). I was running in the main tank group, in tree form, with a mage decurseing. One melee group in the middle and then each of the other four groups positioned at each cardinal direction.

So here are some things that we learned:
1. Get Boar's Speed on your boots - especially if you are going to be in ToL form. (I really noticed the difference.)
2. Run straight back from Archimonde, with your whole group, if you even think a doomfire is chasing someone in your group. (You need to be near your decurser and healers and you need to not kite the fire around the rest of the raid and box people in.)
3. When you get air bursted use your tears on the early side and then switch into cat form. This way there is no chance of you cratering because of lag and whatnot.

And if thats not enough advice for you, listen to this. (Sorry about the language - but its still really funny...)

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  1. Awesome! Congratulations and well done!

    You'll soon clean up Black Temple too! :D



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