Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Making My Guild Understand Healers

I wrote this on March 10th, shortly before I got my job, but never posted it. I didn't notice until now, so... enjoy? (Even if it is totally random!)

I can sympathize with Leafshine's concerns about how often fellow guild members seem to not understand healing or think it will just happen. I believe LOKI was seriously in this boat back in Dec or so. We were trying to kill Mag, who we had killed multiple times in Aug and Sept, but no one was doing anything along the lines of healing assignments. After we spent 3 hours wiping, I decided I needed to step up and do something. When I approached the healing officer about my setting up assignments, just to make sure I wasn't stepping on any toes, he told me he was used to just winging it with healing. Obviously in later raids this 'winging it' thing does not work. Said healing officer is very lucky that I have a secret crush on them or they would be very dead.

I have worked my little tree branches off to make my fellow officers understand and respect healing. I think I have had extra challenges being the only female officer, however, being married to our tanking officer is helpful. Its amazing the lines of communication that open when you remind the tanks that they can sleep on the sofa!

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  1. Luckily, lots of raidig guilds have realized healing isn't just a Free-For-All event much like it was in the early days of 40-man raiding. Healing assignments are now very necessary on most bosses and it's kind of an art with all the different healing combinations out there.

    btw - great blog, I play on the "evil" side of Darkspear as a horde druid



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