Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The End is Near!

The end of the summer that is... I enjoy playing stay at home wife WAY too much. I have gotten loads of projects done around the house, have made something along the lines of progress with lesson planning, slept until at least 8 most morning, and been enjoying some extra WoW time. I start in-services for school on Aug 15th QQ

In the LOKI department ~ We recently downed Reliquary of Souls. One night, three hours total. Oh ya! It was in NO way a hard healing fight for us. The first time we got RoS into phase three we downed him/her/it. It really is all about the interrupters, but here is what we did for healing RoS: 2 paladins on the main tank (a warrior in phase 2 and a paladin tank in phase 3); a resto shaman on the melee group; and 2 CoH priests, another resto shaman, and a resto druid assigned to each of the 4 mostly ranged dps groups. Everyone DPS phase 1, a lot of us off DPSed phase 2, and then healed our little hearts out in phase 3. We just kept to our assignments so no heals or time were wasted cross healing.

We have lost some good healers recently, but we had differences. Even though they were good and took some good gear with them, I would rather not have to deal with... well... drama. So it is less stress for me over all. We have more paladins than I really know what to do with. I try to get them all in for the bosses they want the most, and we have done some insane things pally heavy (like 1 druid, 1 priest, and 5 pallies for Azgalor.) And we could use another resto shaman or two who show up for freaking raids! But what else is new with alliance?

As of tonight I have a new co-healing officer! I am rejoicing!!! He is going to be SO much better than the last two other co-healing officers. (I'm still very good friends with one, but he just didn't like to talk that much in raids so he probably wasn't the best.) Aforementioned new healing officer is going to be awesome. He comes to like EVERYTHING, have been in the guild for almost 4 months, has totally the right attitude about progressing and loot, talks in vent, takes healing reports and strats seriously, but still jokes around a ton. And he doesn't think I'm a total freak for having my spreadsheet of my healers!

Our DPS officers have been AFWoW for a month. This is starting to impact my and Yakra's sanity. Ruffles is at least great, makes almost everything, and can do DPS. We have two temporary DPS officer types, just for during raids to coordinate, they don't deal with apps, drama, etc. But what we really need is for our current officers to come back or for two official new officers.

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