Saturday, October 4, 2008

LOKI ~ Faster than the Speed of Blog

I started this post on Sept. 9th and like a thousand other things, never got around to finishing it. The good news is, we've downed Council a bunch of times since and I know my healing set up works great! It's a month late, but here it is:

We down bosses faster than I can blog. Since my last post we have downed Illidari Council and picked up our first two bear mounts. (Neither of them went to me.)

I think the bear mount runs have made me a better healer. I'm much better at keeping many stacks of HoTs on 2 or 3 tanks, while still raid healing in between. I think ZA in general is more fun with only 2 healers. Trash with 3 was getting really boring. In general, I'm glad I took a long break from ZA - it is SO much easier now.

We downed Illidari Council in about an hour and a half of working on them. I found the Olympics of Not Standing in Stuff tons of fun. We have downed them for a second time as well. (7 times total by Oct 4th.)

Here is how we did healing for Illidari Council:
Galthios Tank: 2 Paladins, a Priest, and a Druid
(Galthios is tanked on the east side of the room. The tank moves him in a square as the tank avoids all the AoEs. you want a healer on each corner of the square so someone is always easily in range. We put the two paladins on the far right/east side, so they would be less likely to have to move out of stuff, and the priest and druid on the west side, which is in the middle of everything.)
Veras Tank: 1 Druid
(The druid can HoT people who get Deadly Poison and heal the raid in general whenever Veras vanishes.)
Zerevor Tank: 1 Paladin or Priest
(We have just found our Pallies can put out the most healing to best keep up with the spiky damage your mage tank will be taking.)
Malande Tank: Wild Card Spot
(I put whoever is left here, since I think anyone can do it well. Actually, most people don't want to be assigned here because it's too easy.)

Malande Interrupters:
1 Shaman

(They can heal them all with one click of a button, as well as help the Malande healer if it comes to that, and still but out a bunch of general raid healing.)

 1 or 2 Priest(s) or Shaman(s)

(We learned the fight with 2 raid healers and needed them both to keep up with our folks who weren't even placing in the Olympics of Not Standing in Things. But now that most of us are Gold Medalists, we can pull it off with 1 raid healer.) 

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