Sunday, October 5, 2008

Added List of Healing Strategies

I added a list of all the healing strategies I have written for various bosses over there on the right side of my blog. This way people can find them faster, since I tend to disguise them under unassuming names like "LOKI ~ Faster than the speed of blog". 

I also signed up for
Blog Azeroth - it only took me two tries. (The first time I apparently clicked the link saying I'm a minor. How did I screw that up?) And yes, I am way way way behind the times on Blog Azeroth. I was a little overwhelmed when it first came out. I just thought there was no way in heck I could check out all the new blogs people were introducing. But I'm jumping on now because I like the idea of shared topics. You would think I could put out at least one post a week, using the shared topic to focus me. I'm going to try to avoid any more of this "month between posts" stuff.

Also, I am changing my font because it is no longer quick and easy to make my font 85% and I'm really not sure why...

1 comment:

  1. Three posts within a week. YA!!!

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the various Shared Topics.

    Don't feel too pressured to post. We understand, it takes time, and you're busy.

    <3 Rainkat



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