Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blogroll: Mirror Shield; and on Merging Blogs

I would like to draw your attention to this wonderful new blog nestled in the corner of the Internet I know and avoid called "tanking stuff". It just happens to be my husband, Yakra's blog: Mirror Shield. Yakra is author of Yakra's Theories on Tanking (over 11K views) over at WoWhead's warrior forum. Those of you who are really super bored at work may enjoy reading the dual perspective (from a tank and a healer) of fights and strats and the dual perspective (from a husband and wife) on a guild and WoW in general. 

Yakra and I have talked about merging our blogs more than once... but I'm not really sure if that would work. First, I know when I go looking for blogs, I want ones related to healing and druids, and I might not be willing to read around the tank stuff to get to the healing stuff. Second, any two people are going to have different writing styles and takes on WoW and life. Some people might like one style, but not the other. This has turned me off to some blogs. I get excited to see a new post by someone and only end up disappointed when it is not by the blogger I love. Finally, and most importantly his blog is brown and mine is purple. How would we EVER come to a compromise?!

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  1. I'm sure you could find a color that would suit you both. Or just tell Yakra that he looks very nice in purple, really.

    Multiple posters on blogs has done just fine. has introduced a feral blogger that makes posts occasionally. his wife often makes posts, usually for him, but also about topics that are near and dear to her. introduced a second blogger a while back.

    Also, check out

    It seems like a good way to share the burden of posting, but still have something to share. A lot of these sites I visit not just because it's about druids or another class that I'm interested in, but because they have something to say, an opinion to share, they manage to share information in a humor filled manner, etc.

    So, while it may not seem the best pairing a warrior tank with a resto "tree" druid, because it's about the two of you, it should work.

    Also, thank you for the link to Yakra's blog, now I have something else to do beside lurk in the Moonkin Repository (

    <3 Rainkat

    Edit: I fail at links. Only took two tries. :-)



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