Thursday, October 9, 2008

GM Elections '08

These posts on our forums were so funny I could not withhold them from my reading comunity.

If Yakra is allowed to keep his GM position he will raise repair costs, and increase durability hits from death. If he is allowed to keep his job he will kick all his officers and steal the guild bank. Does that sound like leadership you can trust? 

When you choose your GM in Novemeber think of Aertimus, she will heal the server, and get new dailies so every one can have a job without getting ganked by immigrants from Undercity and Orgrimmar. 

Vote for Aertimus and Alcy 2008! 

Paid for by the dwarves are short-sighted committee

We've all heard the tagline; "Druids: Shape-change You Can Believe In" 
But what will they really change? Or will they just flip-flop on their position in a raid? 
Our Economy won't withstand another "Bear" Market. We can't expect spontanious Regrowth of the Guild Bank. 

Yakra & Jerey will pass the Plate, and fill our coffers! Their think-tank is full of great ideas! 

Vote Yakra & Jerey 08! 

Paid for by the Druids-Should-Up-And-Leaf committee

1 comment:

  1. I saw that on the forums. Great that you shared it with the public. Very humorous.

    BTW: Aertimus and Alcyone have my vote.

    Girls gotta stick together.
    Only downside I could see would be raid spots being chosen based on cyber ability. Hmm.

    <3 Rainkat



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