Monday, October 13, 2008


  • I am scared I will have no mana. 
  • I am scared my reduced global cooldown will throw off my internal body clock and I will age 20% faster. 
  • I am scared every poor "I stack spirit!" gear choice will be rendered useless.
  • I am scared it will take me 6 hours to reset every personalized thing I have done to grid over the last 9 months.
  • I am scared I will not be able to find things on my bars and I am more scared our paladin tank will not be able to find things on his bars.
  • I am scared I will assign healing targets poorly as my priests suddenly become main tank healers and my paladins suddenly become viable raid healers.
  • I am scared my husband will have a nervous breakdown from zero points into cruelty. 
  • I am scared LOKI will explode.
I do have a plan. This is it. I know it isn't written in stone, and I can change it if I have no mana. As for the addons... I'm thinking of sitting myself out from the raid with a bowl of icecream, because there is no way I can get home early to do them and even less way will I trust Yakra to set them up for me. 

I hope everyone sleeps well tonight. Our last night in the World of Warcraft version 2. See you on the other side.


  1. Good to know I'm not alone in freaking out. I'm gonna see if I can sneak out a couple minutes early and make it home so I have more than an hour to get stuff set up, talent points spent, and trained.

    I don't have quite as crucial a role as you. But I'm still worried. At least I'm safe in the knowledge that I will probably be outside the raid, messing with spells and stuff while Aeralith blows all his mana.

    See you tonight.

    <3 Rainkat

  2. Don't worry, it will all be alright! :)

    May I recommend a slight change in your build? Your's looks a lot like mine would do except for 3 points. How about a switch of 3 points from Natural Perfection to 3 points in Moonglow in the Balance tree. That's 9% cheaper Regrowth which is our strongest spell and it crits often enough as it is through talents. Sure it's nice when spells crits but I never count on it and I prefer stable ticking hots just rolling and rolling on ;)

  3. That link sort of broke down in this comment field btw :b I'm sure you see what I mean anyway.




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