Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two Words: Complete Disaster

Complete Disaster is the only way I can even BEGIN to describe how Patch 3.0.2. NOTHING works. Here is a list of my problems (feel free to help me solve them):

1) Count downs in Grid seem to be broken. I LOVED GridStatusLifebloom and now I can't even get GridStatusHots to work. Cruse says Lifebloomer is broken. And I have used DoTimer before and it didn't really do it for me. I tried to get that set up but I'm running out of freaking UI space.

2) I can't see anything in my chat log. I can't see gchat, says, emotes, ochat, whispers - nothing. I tried rechecking everything by hand - didn't work. I did a /resetchatlog thing... that didn't work. I don't REALLY want to try to rename or delete stuff in my WTF folder unless I know what I am doing. 

3) It took me an INSANELY long time to undo all the damage I did to Outfitter once I got the new one.

4) WIM no longer has tabs, doesn't fade out, and freaking "BING"s at me every time I get a tell. 

5) I miss clicked respecing, so now I have to go do that again. 

6) I tried to get my hair changed, but every time I tried to go to another city, I got DCed.

7) I have NOT tried to learn pets or mounts because people say there are issues there. 

8) I haven't had a chance to use any of my new spells, because, well... how can you look for a group if you can't read channels?!

I AM sick today, so I left work a few hours early and thought I would mess around with stuff.I got NOWHERE. Its bad enough that I actually thought about quiting the game all together. 


  1. Okay, take a deep breath...It will all be okay. :)

    Break up your large addon problems into smaller ones.

    1)I new version of GuildStatusHOTS came out 4hrs ago. I havent tried it yet though. Maybe it will help

    2)It sounds like your chat mod is not working correctly. Try turning it off. Another thing that might be going on is one of your addons is throwing alot of errors (Arc Hud and Prat where causing people alot of problems last night)

    3)Did you get to work finally?

    4) They say that the new version posted 40min ago should solve that

    5) :(

    6) The lag and dc problems are most likely form the servers getting overloaded as more people log on. Blizzard SHOULD fix this soon.

    7) I learned all mine last night without a problem. :)

    8) :( you will get there

    I that this helps a bit and that you start to feel better :)


  2. Hi there - I had the same trouble with GridStatusLifebloom.. trying to keep them rolling without it is very difficult. But don't panic, it's easy to fix!

    Check that post out. To fix, open up your GridStatusLifebloom.lua file, search for "counthot" to find the right section of the file, then replace it with the new code.

    For your chat problem - mine was caused by an old version of CT. Try disabling your mods one by one and seeing if that works. Also, all of my chat boxes seemed to be disabled - go into your chat window settings and make sure all of the boxes are checked so that the game knows to show you guild chat in your guild chat window!

    Pets and mounts should be fine now, I learned all of mine last night without any problems.




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