Wednesday, October 15, 2008

EDIT: Disaster Averted

Complete disaster was slightly averted. I managed to get things working (but not up to the levels I really want to see). I will DEFINITELY be looking into the advice of the two comments I posted, and hopefully I will be singing your praises tomorrow! 

Despite the disaster that was last night and most of this afternoon, we pulled off a ridiculously fun raid tonight. We cleared BT in 2 hours, 45 minutes. We one shot everything. Trash went REALLY fast, which was nice. But the bosses were too easy... it was fun for one night. But I couldn't do that forever. 

I'm still getting a feel for healing. I'm not sure where to stick Wild Growth in the rotation. And I'm feeling really down on myself for being SO LOW on the healing meters. Any advice on rotations would be appreciated!

I know I don't talk about loot much any more, but I got Memento of Tyrande!!! I'm so excited. I have had twice the DKP of everyone in our guild stock piled for it. Yes, it finally solves my 15 month long internal, emotional, struggle of "what trinket should I be using!" But more importantly, it is a really awesome lore piece. To be honest, I feel a little BAD for Illadin. He was just an angsty teen who had his heart broken. And here, until his dieing day (by my hand of course) he has held on to this memento of his love... *sigh* Isn't it romantic?


  1. It was a fun clear. Kinda. It felt like I was watching while others were clearing gnomer as a 25man wrecking crew.

    I felt like I was clearing still clearing BT. At least I made the transition successfully to grid. Though I'm still missing some pieces I really want in a raid.

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