Thursday, October 16, 2008

3.0.2 HoTsTree Healing Rotation for a Single Main Tank

My healing sucked last night. I had nothing along the lines of a steady rotation. I was trying to roll lifeblooms on multiple targets. And I was going OOM. (Shhh, don't tell LOKI.)

I happen to be home ill today, so one of the things I did was fly my little birdy self up into the air over and over again to fall to my impending almost doom and see what my HoTs were ticking for. Here is the spec I used taking this data. (Its going to change soon, because I think living seed is worthless, and if you recall, I misclicked specing...) I had no inscriptions when I took this, because I wanted to know what heals I would be using the most before I got them. I will reevaluate the data once I change my spec and get inscriptions. 

Here is a Google Spreadsheet of the data I took and the rotation I came up with. 

Data taken for Lifebloom did use the Idol of the Emerald Queen and data taken for Rejuv did use Harold's Rejuvenating Broach. Looks like I will continue to run with Idol of the Emerald Queen for now. 

In summery: 
Wild Growth is worthless if you just consider its effects on the Main Tank, but if you consider its ability to HoT people in the raid as well, Wild has the potential gives us the most bang for our buck. If the raid is taking any decent amount of damage, Wild Growth will gives me (on average) 23.8 HP per MP and up to 9758 HP per second spent casting (I'm including the globel cool down as cast time).

In terms of mana efficiency, my most mana effective heal is WG, followed by a stack of LBs, followed by RG, then RJ. The least mana effective heals are HT and WG when the raid isn't taking damage!

In terms of time efficiency, my most time effective heal is WG, followed by RJ, followed by a stack of LBs, then RG. The least time effective heals are HT and WG when the raid isn't taking damage!

I used efficiency and reasonably to come up with my rotation. I wanted to leave plenty of room for moving out of fires, firing off brez without getting totally messed up, tossing out a little raid heal, etc. This flexibility is important to me. If I don't leave that wiggle room in 25 mans, I just trip over my own roots!

Here is the rotation I came up with, that I will use until Wrath (pending more patch changes, etc.): One LB to get started, then: LB, RJ, WG, LB, RG, WG, LB, RJ, WG, LB, (insert HT, swiftmend, a regrowth on the raid, some mana regen here), WG {REPEAT} 
It looks a little cumbersome at first... okay, it is... But if you notice, the Wild Growth and Lifebloom are always paired. In between those pairs alternates Rejuv. and a large heal (mostly Regrowth I would guess.) So that gives you... Pair, Rejuv, Pair, Regrowth, Pair, Rejuv, Pair, Regrowth. Easy enough to remember I think. 

Feedback is welcome!

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