Saturday, October 18, 2008

Steps to Thinking You Don't Suck as a Resto Druid in 3.0.2

  1. Drink  (I recommend a long island iced tea, followed by a coffee with Kahlua)
  2. Keybind Wild Growth to every button on your key board.
  3. Enter AV. Eat GNERDS.
  4. Roll face across key board continually. 
  5. Earn Damage Control, GNERD Rage, Grim Reaper, Everything Counts, and Make Love - Not Warcraft in one AV.
Is this what most high school chemistry teachers do on a Saturday night?

In other news I was asked to Prom yesterday (lol Think about passing my class first?)

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  1. I'll add in : Sam Adams Cream Stout alternated with Smithwicks.

    - Macro a "no I will not heal your HH run" to half your keys

    - Macro "no I will not tank your HH run" the the other half.

    - Hide on a DPS alt.

    - /cower ever time you see a shammy/priest/pally in resto gear.

    - Dream about the day when dual-spec becomes live.

    - Play a song with 120 bpm tempo really loud in headphones so you can keep 1 second ticks going.



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