Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shared Topic: Patch 3.0.2: Echoes of Fail*

I posted this on Oct.16th my guild forums, where we were all discussing what everyone discusses these days. I thought I would share it with the WoWbloggingworld. Since I wrote this I worked out a healing rotation and have been enjoying earning achievements

*The title for this post was taken from witty guildie and hunter, Hordestalker, with his permission.

The Good:
1) The most boring parts of the raid went quickly: trash and easy bosses we have been farming for months.

2) ...nothing...?

The Bad:
1) I used to be near the top of the healing meters by having a highly intelligent, challenging HoT rotation on multiple tanks while tossing out the occasional raid heal. When I did this I sat on the bottom of the healing meter. I'm talking less than a third if the healing of the top healer. Even using my new heal.

2) Wild Growth is brainless. Random spamming Wild Growth was the only way I stayed in the middle of the healing meter pack. Ergo, being brainless is the only way I am a valid healer now.

3) I move faster. You might think thats good - but I like challenges. Weakness are one of the things that set classes apart. One more step in the direction of healers are becoming green blobs.

4) I can rez. Yes, it will be nice to help the rezzers. But yet another step in the direction of healers becoming green blobs.

5) The fun parts of the raid went too quickly. Its was like bad sex. (Not that I would know what bad sex is like!) Why even bother with the 10 min trash foreplay if all you are going to get is a two minute high? My three hours would be better spent elsewhere. (Like... um... sex?)

6) It rained purples. Now every epic is a welfare epic. Yes - I AM glad that we can get people pieces they really want before we hit Northrend. I know there are people who have been waiting and waiting for BT/MH loot. But I won't feel like anything that drops in SWP is actually earned.

The Ugly:
It's definitely bad enough that I am going to complain about it a lot. But the worst part is the thought of stopping raiding until Wrath has crossed my mind. The one thing that will keep me coming back is knowing my other healers still want loot and might need me to help get that loot. And raids are the only time I've got 30 of the best entertainers in one little chat channel. For those reasons alone I will keep coming back.

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