Thursday, October 23, 2008

12 Reasons Why Resto Druids Make the Best Lovers

I know it is really late, but every time I tried to set up tooltips, Yakra yelled at me to stop alt tabbing and take Sunwell seriously.
  1. Tree Hugger - Not only can you hug the tree, but Tree will hug YOU!
  2. Tree of Life - The guys got the wood, the girls got the... bush?
  3. Animal Style - We can still do it like an animal if we want too.
  4. Wilds - We have the Gift to drive you Wild
  5. Well Rounded - Some of you talk of Stamina, Fortitude, or Agility being important? We think they are equally important and our Mark will buff them all.
  6. Thorny - To steal one from Phae, we can make you thorny. 
  7. Wild Growth - We now have the ability to make multiple guys grow at once!
  8. Regrowth - And once you think you are done, we can make you grow again!
  9. Any Way You Want It - If you like it soft and slow, we can set the mood with Tranquility. If you like it a little on the kinky side, we can take it, our skin is as hard as bark.
  10. Second Chances - If you screw up in the heat of the moment, we will give you a second chance.
  11. Loyalty - Despite the rumors that we will up and leaf, we are true to the end.
  12. HoTs - Obviously we are the HoTest class and spec of all. 

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  1. ... Entangling Roots ...

    ... Nature's Grasp ...

    .... Master Shapeshifter ....




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