Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blogging to Hear Myself Blog, WoWing to Feel Myself...

...nothing. That's about all I feel. It was fun while we were leveling. But Yakra pushed the guild into raiding before I wanted to. I mean its fine if other people want to raid, but I havn't even finished 4 zones yet. I finally figured out what pre-Naxx loot I liked and wanted - then I'm in Naxx. I've started reading strats - I've started a "Best Resto Druid Gear from Naxx 25" list (since I'm the type to have to choose for myself) - but I definitely haven't finished. I haven't felt like I was really raiding since Illidan, just faking it. 

Is it Wrath? Is it the fact that Yakra is guildmaster now? Is it that I'm so busy with teaching? Is it that I am jealous of the the people who have the time to read strats and loot tables and write blogs from work? Is it just winter blues?

I don't really expect anyone to answer. I do expect more people to unsubscribe from my blog like the 9 people who did after I was so excited that I had 200 subscribers. Maybe that's one of the reasons I feel down. Right before my number of subscribers jumped by like 40 I had come to the conclusion that reader base didn't matter - I was just blogging for myself. Then they jumped and I guess I got hooked. It was kind of nice.



  1. I just hit 80 today, and after the initial excitement, I kinda felt let down. I can't explain it, especially since I hate leveling but there it is.

    You didn't necessarily lose subscribers, the number fluctuates frequently, if someone didn't log into their reader that day, it shows less subscribers.

  2. As one of the 40 people that subscribed recently - I think I followed the link to "i suck at resto druid healing help"... although it was a direct link from another blog, not google!

    I am new to resto druid healing, and will take all the help I can get! I followed the link here from another blog, and I'm so glad I did, especially when your next post was the pre-nax gear list - exactly what I was looking for!

    So on behalf of all young saplings about to head into Nax, please keep it up! I'll keep you in my Google reading list, I promise!

    Druelf (Jubei'Thos[A])

  3. Hey, relax. It sounds like you should lower your expectations of yourself a bit. You are doing this because it's fun, you have no obligation to any readers. It's when you get comments that you know you've made a connection, not by a counter measuring subscribers :)

  4. I feel your pain in more ways then one. While leveling is a pain it is sad to see those worry free days go. I also feel your pain as a teacher. December and January are some of the hardest months to get through and keep the kids excited about learning.

    I actually opened a gmail account just so I could post on your blog and say thanks for the gear list it saved me a ton of time.




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