Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why Titansteel Guardian isn't on My "Pre-Naxx Gear List"

TheDave asked: how about titansteel guardian? I already have the War Mace of Unrequited Love but I think the spell power increase is well worth the loss in intellect and mana regen. And also it's a much better weapon for pvp. I already have all mats and a friend is going to craft it for free. Haven't you included that weapon for a particular reason

I do think Titansteel Guardian as a main hand is a totally viable option: especially if you PvP and are not having and PvE mana issues. If you fit both of those categories and are willing to drop the two frozen orbs for it, it might be your best option. 

Reasons I don't think Titansteel Guardian is my best option: 

1. Lots of itemization given stamina. I don't PvP - like EVER. I haven't PvPed since the week 3.0.2 came out. While the stamina is great for those who PvP - like AT ALL - its not as great for those of us who are true carebears. Yes, stamina is nothing to be scoffed at in PvE either, but when you aren't dieing from lack of health (just from lack of IQ) like I am, and your friends ARE dieing from lack of heals (sometimes at least) like mine are, you probably shouldn't be stacking stamina. Leave that for the tanks. 

2. No Spirit, MP5, or Int. For the first time since 3.0.2, my mana pool has been feeling the strain of content I am not over geared for. Meaning... in heroics and 25 mans I am having to use everything I have to not go OOM (pots, multiple innervates in one fight, getting outside the 5 second rule, etc.) Lots of spellpower ain't gonna do me nothing if I can't cast. 

3. Some itemization given to crit. I have nothing against Crit, I would just rather see Spirit, MP5, Int, or more Spellpower on a weapon I am considering for a resto druid. This reason will REALLY depend on your play style. I am still a very heavy lifebloom caster and I am roflloving wild growth spam (I will be QQing soon.) I do use regrowth a lot, but it already crits "all the time" and many times when I am casting regrowth, it is about REFRESHING regrowth, not swooping in at the last second to save the tank. If you use regrowth, healing touch, and nourish far more than rejuv, lifebloom, and wildgrowth, this weapon would be better for you than for me. (But when I look at it again, it is probably still better than Cudgel of Saronite Justice.)

4. Its crafted. I like to put off getting crafted items that I don't think are far above and beyond everything else. I would prefer to get a drop if I'm torn between multiple pieces. I am married to one of LOKIs main tanks and my mats and gold are his as well, so I try not to be too greedy when I get items made. Also, as soon as you craft something, something better will drop. Its Murphy's Law of Loot. 

5. Mace of Unrequited Love is a fracking awesome name! Okay so maybe that's not a real reason... or if it is its a really bad one... 

To make a long list story short: If you showed up with Titansteel, I wouldn't question you at all. I hope that helps answer your question TheDave. Thank you for reading and commenting. I wish you the best of luck in your search for the perfect weapon to sit there and look pretty some of the time and be completely hidden under tree form the rest!


  1. The spell power is also being nerfed, in the new patch.

  2. Reason 6! I can apparently see into the future and I don't even know it! : P Do we know what the spellpower is being nerfed to?

  3. Thanks Aertimus for answering directly on the blog.
    I still think that Titansteel Guardian is a musthave for the arena season starting in the next days.
    The spell power will be nerfed to 457 (from 490). 33 spellpower is a big nerf that doesn't change the pvp utility but I admit that for pve the upgrade from heroic nexus mace isn't worth the gold, also because there are several downsides.
    I guess it's time to cry and whine on the offical forums to ask at least a compensetion (to spirit and/or intellect) for the nerf :D.

    I didn't specified in my previous post that right now I'm Balance and mana right now is not a issue for me (got both talents to improve mana regen). I'm planning to respec restoration in the future so opinions and advices from experienced resto druids are always welcome.
    Thanks for you Blog.

  4. I heard their keeping it in the 450 range.



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