Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reasons I Love My Husband?

Look up. See that gorgeous new banner?

Last night I made Yakra watch the Yu-Gi-Oh movie with me, which I had to pre-view for my students' Japanese Animation and Culture Club. Yeah... It was pretty lolbad. After we did some shots to recover our sanity, Yakra spent two hours with me sitting over his shoulder going "Move the tree a little to the left" making me that beautiful banner. That is true love!

Why the new banner? Well... I never was particularly happy with my old banner. I threw it together the first day I made the blog. I was going for the gritty natural feel with all my pictures back then, but that didn't last long. Sadly, the gritty banner stuck around. And then in a very short period of time both Bell (4 Haelz) and Keeva (Tree Bark Jacket) made adorable little thumbnails of my banner to place on their blogs. Next to all the other nicely polished thumbnails I felt like mine looked... generic... and like crap. So this might fix my problem for any future thumbnails!

Also, this will double as my guild forum sig and I used the new banner as an opportunity to widen the size of my blog's main body, something I have been wanting to do for a while. 


  1. ..making more work for me! *grumble* *Photoshop*


  2. No No Keeva you don't have to redo yours!!! Thats why I said FUTURE thumbnails!

  3. Haaaa...I thought it was cool, and different.

    I can update your little thumbnail, though, if you wish. :)



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