Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Don't Want No Drama

What you gonn’a do with all that time
All that free time spent on-line?
I’ma gonna, gonna, gonna, bitch and whine, 
Bitch and whine ‘bout WoW’s design. 
Design, design – tier seven raid design.   

My guildies going crazy, 
Their running out of dailies. 
They got all the best armor, 
So they’re startin’ rumors.  

Sick of doin’ achievements. 
Tired of Vault of Ancients. 
Puggin’? They be loggin’ 
Share their feelings on their blog n’   

Look at other guilds, guilds. 
Like they’ll make you fulfilled, filled. 
You can look but you can’t app, 
If you app you’ll start some drama, 
And you don’t want no drama, 
No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama.   

We say stop, but they keep bitchin’ 
Soon we’ll start gkickin’ 
It’s gettin’ kinda sickenin’ 
But we will keep on raiding, 
We’ll keep on demonstrating

Our guild. Our guild will not be killed. 
If you leave we’ll just be thrilled,
Won’t need to stop an’ rebuild, 
You know we’re way too skilled, 
Our guild. Our guild. Our guild.

I don't particularly want to blog about the boredom and drama I know every guild is experiencing, but there isn't a whole lot else going on to blog about. I know most of use are just twiddling our thumbs, waiting, and hoping our guilds stay strong enough to hit the ground running come Ulduar. Hopefully that gave you a giggle while you wait. 

I couldn't embed the original, but if you haven't heard in in a while, search You Tube for Black Eyed Peas - My Hump. There are at least two videos of it. But here is my preferred version (parody) of the song anyway!!!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice!!

    And I love that version, too.

    Sorry about the dramas. :[



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