Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aertimus wants to take you to a Bar! (a Buff Bar that is...)

The bar I want to take you to doesn't have any flying viking kittens. Instead it has... orgres. Lots and lots of ogres. And my drink of choice Kreeg's Stout Beatdown.

Kreeg's Stout Beatdown gives you +25 Spirit and -10 Int. Fully raid buffed as a resto druid, (including replenishment and the 2% meta gem) I get about +9 MP5 and +4 Spellpower. These numbers will vary slightly depending on your spirit, int, and raid buffs. If replenishment ISN'T available to you, this buff is even better. 

Here are the best 3 things about it:
1) It only costs 15 silver each, so its hella cheep.
2) You can drink it in combat, so you can rebuff if you are rezzed.
3) It stacks with EVERYTHING. Yes, everything - food buffs, improved divine spirit - everything. 

Here is how to get it: 
1) Its soulbound, so empty as much bag space as you can. I make a run for it about once every 3 months and come back with as much as I can carry. It only stacks in 10s, so that means the last time I made a Beatdown run I came out with about 70 stacks of it... This also forces me to clean out my bank of non-soulbound items a few times a year...

2) Run Dire Maul North! (Maybe find some poor sap who is trying to get Insane in the Membrane to go with you.) For those of you new as of Wrath or even Burning Crusade... Dire Maul is in Feralas. Its a big arching wall in the middle of your map - you can't miss it. You run into the area outside the 3 Dire Maul instances, north up a hall way. At the "T" go either left or right and enter the first doorway on the far wall. You will round a corner to another bigger doorway that will drop you in a big courtyard with an arena. Run north past the arena into the only doorway on the north wall, turn right and the instance portal will be in front of you. Map Here.

2) DO NOT kill Stomper Kreeg in the northwest corner of the first courtyard. He is asleep on the floor. 

3) Kill King Gordok at the end of the instance (north Dire Maul). DO NOT kill Cho'Rush the Observer who is next to the king. It doesn't matter if you do a tribute run or not. (You get better loot if you leave bosses alive before you kill the king, but we aren't there for loot, so who cares.)

4) Talk to Cho'Rush the Observer who will declare you King of the Gordok, giving you a buff of the same name. All the ogres in the instance are now friendly to you. Run back to Stomper Kreeg, wake him up, and stock up on your Kreeg's Stout Beatdown!

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  1. Wow! this is something I had never even heard of!!! Thanks so much for this. Going to have to add this to my list of things to do. =)



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