Sunday, May 17, 2009

Updated Ulduar Loot List and My Look

Thank you for sticking around while I try to stay afloat amongst the end of the year grading and Ulduar progression. I am done for the school year in a month and I am hoping I will be a better blogger and blog reader/commenter then. 

Thank you to those who have been sending me e-mails. I always make returning e-mails a priority, so even if you think I have dropped off the face of the internetz send me an e-mail if you need something!

Now some WoW updates!

1. I updated my Non-Heroic Mode 25-Man 3.1 Best in Slot Resto Druid Ulduar Gear List(or whatever the frack I am calling it). I was preparing for the end of mana regen as we knew it like so many others and found that there was much ado about nothing. I did some SERIOUS list revisiting yesterday to better reflect haste options in Ulduar and more clearly mark them vs crit/regen options. 

2. I added the words "Best in Slot" to the title of my gear list - words that I seriously dislike. I dislike the abbreviation "BiS" even more. My issue with it is that best in slot can vary from person to person, depending on how they gem, the state of their other gear and what is reasonable for them to expect to see drop. But... I want my list to be useful to new druids or busy druids who don't have the time to comb through wow-head or mmo-champ or double check those auto generating weighting tools that I refuse to blindly follow. Those people might type the words "Best in Slot" into Google and to them I say welcome and I hope you find my list helpful!

3. Progression update: 
  • Iron Council, Kologarn, Auriaya, Hodir, Freya, various Leviathan single towers, and other random fun achievements on 25 man down easy.
  • Thorim took maybe 2 nights or about 5 hours on 25 man. More than I wish to have spent. 
  • We are working on Mimiron now. We have spent about 4-5 hours so far on 25 man on him.
  • 10 man is exactly where 25 man is, except Yakra and I have spent more like 10 hours on Mimiron. I... am not going to blame it all on my guildmates... I am not going to blame it all on my guildmates... I am not going to blame it all on my guildmates...
4. Last but not least, personal sexy look update!!! This is HUGE for me! I have been wearing my T5 since... well... T5. But the T8 purple robes are OMG hot HOT HoT! Maybe I dumped WAY too much DKP into them but... the are SEXY. And possibly "Best in Slot" pre-Heroic stuffs. I had to change around some frill items, but I am a VERY happy tree!!!

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