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Mimiron Healing Guide with Healing Assignments

In my opinion, the best fights require multiple macros to assign healers and require healers to write their personal healing assignments on a sticky note for the night. I don't think there has been a fight like that since Illidan, although my favorite was Kael'. So needless to say, I was pretty excited about Mimiron. 

Some of you may know I am married to my Guild Master/Tank. Tonight we went out to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary and got talking about how awesome Mimiron is and decided we should write companion guides for the Mimiron fight: One for Tanking, One for Healing. It has been a fun get to know your husband/main tank experience, and yes, we are still on speaking terms. The Mimiron Tanking Strategy is hosted on Yakra's Blog, Mirror Shield. The Mimiron Healing Strategy is right here!

First an explanation on how the guide is laid out:
Things to do before the raid!
Suggested Healing Assignments:
Abilities/Adds to Deal With: (Short Version of Dealing) Damage Description
  • Specifics and rational for dealing with those abilities/adds
  • Resto druid specific tips will look like this

Mimiron Healing Guide with Healing Assignments
Pre-3.1.3 Nerf ~ Patch Release Date Yet Unknown
For the tanking companion to this guide, see Yakra's Mimiron Tanking Guide.
This strategy requires 2 tanks and 7-8 healers. We make up for the "loss" in DPS numbers by healing through abilities other sites recommend DPSing through or kiting. We found kiting added unnecessary risk to a fight that already hinged on personal responsibility and DPSing some adds added time to an already long fight. Some ideas you read here are not meant to be used in conjunction with other strategies. Mix and match at your own risk!

Add the debuff "Napalm Shell" to your raid frame mod of choice!
Healing Assignments:
Main Tank: 4 Healers
Raid/Napalm Shell: 3-4 Healers *May want to assign cardinal directions
Cooldown Rotation: 5 Cooldowns Assigned

Plasma Blast: (Tank/Cooldown Rotation) 30K unresistable spell damage per second, for 6 sec. 
  • Plasma Blast requires a cooldown to heal through reliably and has a 3 second warning. You can expect 4-5 of them before Mimiron is pushed into P2.
  • We recommend you prioritize/order your cooldown rotation as follows:
  1. If you have to rotate tanks to use their cooldowns, do that first - less tank swaps is better. Acceptable tank cooldown's are: Shield Wall (Warriors), Divine Protection (Paladins), Barkskin + Survival Instincts (Druids), Vampiric Blood (Blood DKs), & Icebound Fortitude (DKs).
  2. Next come Priest Saves. Pain Suppression and Guardian Spirit both work on their own.
  3. Next come Paladin Saves. Divine Shield + Hand of Sacrifice + Divine Sacrifice (if they have it) together should do the trick. Divine Sacrifice should be used mid way through, to let other heals catch up.
  • When Plasma Blast is being cast on the tank, all healers, including Raid Healers, should heal the Main Tank until it is certain the MT is stable. 
  • Keep the tank fully HoT'ed. Pre-cast Healing Touch with the 3 sec warning. Spam nourish until its over. Try to save Nature's Swiftness and Swiftmend for Napalm Shells.
Napalm Shell:  (Heal Though It) 6K fire damage per sec for 8 sec.
  • Make sure the debuff "Napalm Shell" is added to your raid frame.
  • If someone gets Napalmed in range of you, heal them! If you are a Tank Healer, heal them at least until you know there are other healers in range. The raid is very spread out; there may only be two of you in range.
  • Even if you are a Napalm Healer, when Plasma Blast is up, your first priority is to perform your part of the cooldown rotation and your second is to make sure the MT is stable. Only then should you return to Napalm Healing. 
  • Try to save Nature's Swiftness and Swiftmend for these Napalm Shell's, because you may be one of two healers in range.
Shock Blast: (Run Away) A major concern for melee and tanks only. 
  • Has a 3-4 second cast time - best for everyone if it is called out on vent.
  • When Shock Blast is cast, melee has a greater chance of taking damage from mines as they run past/through them. Be prepared to toss some extra heals on them.
  • Preemptivelly toss a Wild Growth on the melee when Shock Blast is called out. 
Proximity Mines: (Avoid) Explode for 15K fire damage in 3 yards upon contact. A minor concern for ranged/healers, and a major pain for melee. 
  • Casters should avoid standing right at the edge of the initial ring of mines, in the event that Mimiron spreads them when not properly centered - as they may land under the caster, and Explode. The image shows the difference between an easily avoidable overlapping mine rings and mine clouds.
  • Avoid standing anywhere near a bomb, as melee (especially tanks) running out from Shock Blasts may likely chose to run through a bomb or two, rather than take a Shock Blast. Shock Blasts are the only times anyone should need heals because of Mines.
  • There is lots of time between phases one and two.
  • Healers should quickly top off the raid, then regen mana.
  • Mines will remain and can still kill careless players. After a period of time, they will explode on their own.
  • Potion of Nightmares can be well utilized during a phase transition.
Turn off Project Textures! (Yes! Off!)
Healing Assignments:
1 Healer per Group 1-5
2-3 Spot Healers

Rapid Burst: (Heal Through It) 6 AOE bursts over 3 sec, 19-21K fire damage per burst; 100 yard radius. 
  • Divide the raid into five groups based on parties. Mark one person in each group and have the group stick with their mark to assist AOE healing. Prayer of Healing and Tranquility require heal targets to be in the same group and in close proximity. Chain Heal, Wild Growth, and Prayer of Mending also benefit from the close proximity. Many strats suggest three groups, but five groups will reduce the number of people taking Rapid Burst at any one time, making it easier to heal through.
  • Groups spread out 360 degrees around Mimiron. Stand on the white circle of light around him. Being close to other groups allows for cross healing by spot healers, but spreading out 360 degrees prevents too many people from taking Rapid Burst at once.
  • Groups remain in place when they are being Rapid Bursted. This means Rapid burst must be healed through. Spot healers will generally be healing the current Rapid Burst targets. It is more efficient for DPS to stand there and take it than reposition every time they are bursted.
  • Use Wild Growth whenever it is up, no matter what your assignment. 
  • If you are assigned to heal a party, keep Rejuv. on everyone at all times (and Swiftmend ready). You should have enough GCD's to keep up 5 Rejuv's, WG every 6 sec, keep LB on most people, and move around.
  • Use barkskin when your group is targeted. 
  • If you have Imp. Tranq., plan on using it once on this phase. 
Heat Wave:(Heal Through It) 3K fire damage per sec to the entire raid
  • Periodically cast on the entire raid
  • The group and healing assignment set up to deal with Rapid Burst will deal with the damage from Heat Wave
  • Use a Fire Resist Totem and glyphed Healing Steam Totems.
  • You will be dealing with Rapid Burst and Heat Wave damage at the same times. 
P3Wx2 Laser Barrage: (Run Away) Meant to one-shot you; Technically 20K every 0.25 sec so you can live through it if only clipped briefly
  • He casts "Spinning Up" 4 seconds before casting. Get out of in front of him. If you are in front of him, it is best to move counter-clockwise to avoid this. 
  • He will then cast a beam of instant death, which can't be out ranged, but can be outrun - the further you are, however, the harder it is to out run it. The beam may seem to jerk counter-clockwise, but will then rotate clockwise while casting.
  • The beam rotates a little less than 180 degrees. If you are inside the 180 degrees, stay ahead of the beam by running clockwise to avoid it. Once the beam passes, return to your starting spot/group/mark. If you are outside the 180 degrees, stay put.
  • Heat Wave may be cast during P3Wx2. Rapid Burst will not be cast. 
Rocket Strike: (Run Away) Will one-shot you; 3 yard radius
  • There is no cast bar or raid warning for this, but those watching the boss can see and announce on vent when a missile launches off his body, or a targeting circle appears.
  • 3 sec before landing, a red targeting circle will appear where the rocket will fall. Anyone inside the targeting circle will die. You MUST move out of this circle. You only need to move 3 yards.
  • Only you can prevent your own humiliating death to rockets. Do not get healer tunnel vision. Be aware of the huge red circle under your feet and the other members of your group scattering. 
  • Turn OFF (yes I said OFF) Projected Textures in your user interface. You will still see targeting circles, but you will no longer see pesky Consecrates or Desecrations.       
  • Rockets will not be launched while P3Wx2 is being cast. They will often be cast immediately after.
  • Heat Wave, Rapid Burst, and Rockets can all happen at the same time. This is why we brought 8 healers...
  • Again, there is a period of time between phases.
  • Casters should allow their mana to regen.
  • The raid should clump up on the add tank, and prepare to follow him around.
Turn on Free For All loot!
Healing Assignments:
Add Tank: 2-3 Healers
Head Tank: 1 Healer
Raid/Bomb Soaker: 3-4 Healers
Hand of Freedom Rotation: 2 - 3 Paladins

Assault Bots: (Tanked by the Add Tank)
  • These are the main focus of the Add Tank. They spawn from orange beams.
  • The Add Tank requires constant/chained Hand of Freedom to avoid being affected by Magnetic Field, which can lead to death.
  • Melee DPS will be focusing Assault Bots and looting Magnetic Cores to ground the Head.
  • Assault Bots one-shot non-tanks.
Junk Bots: (Tanked by the Add Tank) 
  • These spawn from green beams and are picked up by the Add Tank, who is also picking up Assault Bots. Damage from Junk Bots is trivial.
  • Ranged/Healers should group on the Add Tank, so that Junk Bots are hit by the Add Tanks AoE abilities.
  • Shamans may prefer to have a Junk Bot on them, to proc water shield.
  • Junk Bot raid damage is easily healed through. 
Aerial Command Unit: (Tanked by the Head Tank)
  • The head should be tanked by a warlock or a hunter. It will attack whoever has the highest threat with Plasma Ball (15K fire damage; 2 sec cast time).
  • One healer should be assigned to stay with the Head Tank, however, in phase 3, this healer may have time to help raid heal as well. This one healer must obviously be in range of the Head Tank, even though the rest of the raid will be grouping on the Add Tank. If you have a Junk Bot on you and cannot get to the Add Tank, be sure to call it out in vent. 
  • All DPS will be focusing the Head, as possible.
Bomb Bots: (Soaked by the Bomb Soaker) 
  • One tank stands under the Head, with no one around them. When a bomb bot drops down, they attack it. It Explodes for trivial damage (for a tank) (25K; 5 yard radius), and does not consume raid DPS.
  • The Bomb Soaker can be healed by the raid healers. 
  • Adds will still be up and Tanks will need healing. Magnetic Cores and Heroism may be used to speed up the beginning of P4.
Healing Assignments:
Main Tank: 2 Healers
Head Tank: 1 Healer
Raid Healers: 5 Healers *Also assigned cardinal directions

Things He Still Does:
  • Bottom: Shock Blast
  • Bottom: Proximity Mines
  • Middle: P3Wx2 Laser Barrage
  • Middle: Hand Pulse  (A renamed Rapid Burst)
  • Middle: Rocket Strike (Two at Once)
  • Head: Plasma Ball
Things He Does NOT Do:
  • Bottom: Plasma Blast
  • Bottom: Napalm Shell
  • Middle: Heat Wave
  • Head: Summon Adds
  • The most dangerous/difficult part of this phase for the Main Tank, is when Mimiron does Laser Barrage. Leviathan's size makes positioning very difficult. In the event that Laser Barrage and Shock Blast overlap (or nearly overlap), use a Guardian Spirit, allowing the tank to eat the Shock Blast, rather then risk him moving while Laser Barrage is cast. Other than needing a Guardian Spirit ready, the Main Tank will take less damage in this phase than in P1.
  • More raid healing will be needed because of Mines. Stay clear of Land Mines Clouds and be prepared to heal through the extra raid damage they cause. 
  • The Head Tank healer will be less able to raid heal, due to regular repositioning to avoid P3Wx2.
  • When one section of Mimiron's body is destroyed, there is a ten second window in which the other two sections must also die. At this point, healers should contribute as much DPS as they safely can. 
  • Preferably, the head will be the first section to die, because melee cannot help DPS it. 
  • Plan on using Tranqulity for the first or second time this phase. 
  • There is damage everywhere, use WG whenever up.
  • Be very cautious of battle rezzing. There is a lot going on. You can't die and your target can't die. Make sure someone else can cover you while battle rezzing. Even better - using a Nature's Swiftness BRez. 

~ Feedback welcome, however it will need to pass through Yakra before I can really make any major changes. Happy healing!

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