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Need Input: Assumed Some Numbers for Mana Regen Calculations - Did I Pick Good Numbers?

It was bugging me that I didn't plug in total numbers for spirit and int when calculating the approximate spirit and int mana regen from new pieces of gear for my Ulduar gear list. Some pieces were coming up with totals of 0 MP5, because they would lack spirit or int. So when you plug the stats from JUST that gear into the fancy-dancy mana regen equation, it would equal zero. 

Int: 0
Spirit: 68 (64 raw + 4 socket bonus)
Spirit Effective: 86
Effective Spirit = Spirit * Living Spirit * Kings * Imp MoTW
86 = 68 * 1.15 * 1.10 * 1.02
That's a lot of yummy spirit for mana regen but looks like crap if you plug it into the mana regen equation with that 0 for int.
Spi/Int Mana Regen In-Combat = ((SPIRIT)*0.003345*SQRT(INT)*5 + 0.001)*0.5
0 MP5 = ((86)*0.003345*SQRT(0)*5 + 0.001)*0.5
So I went back and plugged in what I thought were reasonable Int and Spirit numbers for resto druids running 25 man Ulduar. Here is how I described it in the edit of my original post: 
Effective mana regen includes raw MP5, replenishment, and regen from spirit and int. Mana regen is a rough estimate - but it should remain more or less proportional when comparing gear. It is a rough estimate since spi/int regen will vary slightly depending on the amount of spirit and int you have currently. I assumed 1250 spirit and 1050 int raid buffed before equipping the new gear. I went with lowish numbers, because you are taking off the piece of gear you are about to replace.
That's where I need your help! Does that roughly match your raid buffed int and spirit minus one piece of gear? (Since this list is all about replacing pieces of gear). I stalked... I mean... armor-ied all my favorite druid bloggers and took the average of our int's and spirit's to calculate those numbers (except those of you logged out as Boomkins, Rawrbears, Lolkittyes, PvPers, or with Diamond-Tipped Canes). My sample size was very very small after all that. Next time you are all raid buffed and waiting for someone to come back from AFK, take off a piece of gear you want to replace and let me know your spirit and int numbers!!!

But now back to the math... because I love math... When I plug the dummy numbers into the mana regen equation I get a better idea of how much mana regen I will have before the gloves
Spi/Int Mana Regen In-Combat = ((1250)*0.003345*SQRT(1050)*5 + 0.001)*0.5
Before Gloves = 339 MP5
And after the gloves:
Spi/Int Mana Regen In-Combat = ((86+1250)*0.003345*SQRT(0+1050)*5 + 0.001)*0.5
After the Gloves = 362 MP5
Subtracting gives me the MP5 from JUST the gloves: 362 MP5 - 339 MP5 = 23 MP5

23 MP5 is a much more reasonable representation of the mana Grips of the Unbroken gives us, so now some poor innocent blog reader of mine will not think: "Oh no! If I get those gloves they will give me no mana at all and I will lose all the mana on my current gloves!"

The funny part is crunching and changing those numbers didn't change my ranking at all. Grips of the Unbroken were the best gloves for us - with or without mana, since they have 6 spell power and 34 haste over T8. So I truly only did this for new druids searching for gear who might be saying "No manaz???"

Spirit and Int mana regen scale depending on your Spirit and Int. This makes it impossible to say "X piece of gear will give you Y mana regen" when making a gear list - because "Y mana regen" will be different for every single person. Luckily, it scales, so you can still use 'about' numbers very well to compare gear without factoring in your personal spirit and int. Also, none of this calculating changed how I ranked gear. 

However, I want to make my Ulduar gear list useful to as many 25-man Ulduar raiding trees as possible, so I need your help. Tell me what your Ulduar 25-man raid buffed int and spirit are - preferably after taking off one piece of gear (since we are trying to replace gear with a gear list). I will factor in any info you give me so we can more accurately compare gear for a wide range of raiding druids!

Thank you very much for your help! <3


  1. Ok, I'll check out my numbers. Can I remove any piece of gear and I assume you want to know which one I removed? :)

  2. I don't even need to know which piece.

    I figure there is going to be more fluctuation between raiders just starting Ulduar and those who have been farming watchers for a few weeks now then there will be between those trying to replace their rings vs their weapons. I just want to know that I picked numbers that are reasonable.

    And this is great because I think you were a Boomkin last night!

  3. Ok, so raid buffed with one piece missing I've got 1211 int ans 1312 spi.

  4. and yay I won Grips of the Unbroken tonight =)



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