Monday, June 22, 2009

A Few Finds for a Monday

First Find: PUG Checker
Yakra showed this to me, but had a little thing about it here. It shows you in a more visually recognisable way if your PUG group member might be complete fail. (I still wish Blizz would implement some way of allowing people to flag toons as alts of their mains if they wish...) The average item level for gear is nice as well. It also seems to save the server you last searched.

PUG Checker says my gear is fail.... (or very sexy for hanging in Dala)
And that I have yet to kill Yoggy on 25-Man

Hilarious! A guildie posted this in our forums. We have a bunch of players who used to be in Inspire. They are a great bunch of players and people and LOKI is lucky to have them. This is back from their MC days. You can see why we are lucky to have them!

Now go forth and light yourself on fire!


  1. Watch out for that there aoe, boys...

    /cheer for Dueling Banjos :)



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