Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Just In...


Figure Prints?! Totally worth it for your toon. Yakra and I both bought one at the end of BC and we have no regrets. We put them in our favorite gear, in our favorite poses. We will probably get them again some time in Wrath. They came quickly and really are gorgeous. In fact, I think they look LESS grainy and MORE smooth than some of the pictures on the website. I also had a problem with mine when it first arrived, wrote an e-mail, and had a brand new one (same outfit and pose) in a little over a week - no second questions asked, no shipping back, and very polite service.

BUT FOR YOU VANITY PET??? You could just sell high quality, but less costly ($30 !?!), plastic models of pets for those who like to collect them in-game and want them out-of-game too. I don't know Blizz... I don't know...

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