Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blog Updates and Mailbag

~ Added Star-Beaded Clutch and Crown of Luminescence to their appropriate spot on the hard mode Ulduar list.

~ Added Soul Preserver to the Mana Trinket list.

~ Mammako asked over in my sidebar which ring I would prefer: Lady Maye's Sapphire Ring from normal Iron Council or Fire Orchid Signet from Hard-mode Freya. I would take Fire Orchid over Lady Maye. If you gem Luminous Monarch Topaz for the socket bonus Fire Orchid (with full raid buffs: Kings, ToL, Replenishment, 2% Int Meta Gem) gives you +4 spellpower and +11 MP5. If you don't need the mana and gem with a Runed Scarlet Ruby instead, Fire Orchid gives you +14 spellpower and +4 MP5. And just having that socket to give you that flexibility is a winning point for Fire Orchid in my book. Hope that helps Mammako!

~ Next, I wanted to comment on a comment/question Sunkist left on the Mana Trinket post. Sunkist has a somewhat new blog: Barkskining Up the Wrong Tree. There is not much I like more than new druid blogs, and isn't that the cutest name??? Their most recent post is about the controversial 72 hour ban. Well written, even if you don't agree with the point of view. So check it out.

But now I've gotten off topic. Sunkist asked: "One thing I was wondering is how much regen we would get by using Spark and one of the 100+ int trinkets since int and spirit work together to produce our mana regen." I skipped over this question at first because it is such a loaded question. Remember, when calculating mana regen you need to look at TOTAL spirit and int for passive regen and then add in any procs or 'special' things about the trinket. I made a spreadsheet to do this for 3.0 trinkets, but it was a lot of work making cells to compare every trinket combination so I wasn't planning on doing it again this time.
But maybe as a fast answer to your question... With no trinkets and only ToL and MotW as buffs my passive mana regen is 629/329. If I add only Spark of Hope is jumps +63/+31 from passive. If I add just Pandora's Plea it jumps +32/+16 (does not include replenishment). So if I add them together I should get +95/47, right? But insted I get +98/49. So I get a tiny bit more for adding both Int and Spirit. Again, this is all unbuffed and does not include replenishment which is a part of Pandora's mana return or Spark of Hope's reduction to spell costs which is its HUGE benefit.
Hope that answers your question! But the real answer may be, you are running with the two trinkets I would be using if I could get my hand on IDS! If you had any more specific questions feel free to e-mail me.

~ Finally, a quick "Why have a dropped off the face of the blogsphere?" - because even if I don't post, I normally comment on other people's posts. Some of the comments people were making on Keeva's post on hard-core raiders post got me really upset. I was, and am in some ways, still feeling a little embarrassed to be part of a blogging community who would treat another blogger like that. I don't mean the one's who respectfully disagreed with her, I mean the anonymous posters who just attacked and name called her. Wow, I'm actually crying right now. If it was my own blog I think I would be okay with it, just delete and move on. But its not like I can post "F*CK YOU GET YOUR OWN SOAP BOX" on Keeva's comments. Keeva is just one of the most mature, eloquent, selfless druid bloggers we have. How long has she spent working on her Grid/Heal-bot project to make it useful for the rest of us? How long does she spend answer questions about it? She hosted Azeroth day because she knew the community would miss it. She comments on every comment. "But Aert, you don't even KNOW her!" I know... but then why am I crying?


  1. *hugs*

    Sometimes people can be just downright, flat out mean for no other reason than they can be that way. I never really understood that much. People don't see that rudeness and go "man! that guy really is a huge jerk...he MUST know what he's talking about!". Frankly, it turns me off from whatever it was that they were trying to express to begin with.

    Something else I've realized is that there are many people who don't know HOW to evolve a constructive, strong dissent to an opinion to which they don't agree without being just flat out rude.

    Don't let it get you too down. I certainly love reading everything you have to say!

    In fact...I might propose that we all go to Australia for a big "bear" (har har) hug, and some cheesecake! =)

  2. <3

    Beru said it - some people are jerks for the sake of being jerks. To get a bite. And unfortunately, I will usually bite, I can't help it :P

    And a lot of people are still very passionate about the hardcore v casual thing. I quite enjoy it when people disagree and post their thoughts.. it's just that some people don't know how to express themselves without turning things into a personal attack.

    It's a big raw nerve for lots of people, nobody likes feeling as if people think they are scrubby purely because of the way they choose to play the game (I know I feel that way sometimes) and it gets them on the defensive. Rather than talk about it calmly, they just fire off the insults because they see everything as an attack on them.

    I do try not to make inflammatory statements.. I can't always be neutral though because I do have my own views, and not everyone agrees with them. So I don't want to censor myself just to try to keep everyone happy - but at the same time I do try hard not to upset people if I can.

    It's hard to balance at times, and when the big issues come up, I generally expect some flames. Most people are great though.. so the good outweighs the bad.

    oh, and I'm finally writing up my final Grid/Healbot post! All the guild drama, work etc (and a bit of general slackness) dragged it out for too long. It's a big writeup though, so I'm not sure when it will go up - but it's halfway done :)

  3. Aert, thanks for pointing me to the post on Keeva's site. I just left a comment giving her all the support a big sturdy strong tree could offer!



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