Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Where have all the flowers trees gone?

WoW isn't the game it was before and summer is a great time to start IRL afresh. And with those two things we have been 'loosing' some trees in the forest. I really shouldn't say loosing because they were here for their stay and brought their personality or math or pretty purple banner or gear analysis to the community - and now they are moving on to more important things in life.

Druid Heal! ended their WoW account early June, at least for the summer. We do have this mysterious cat picture though... Raaff says the guide is staying up at least for a while. I loved going to Druid Heal for math. It also had calculators embedded into the site. Most of bloggers don't have that sort of talent.

Beware Splinters is closing so Obitz can focus on school. Can we hold blame there? It probably something I should do myself. It looks like she may still be playing Aion if you want to keep in touch. She's been putting out some guilds. I would take any excuses to read things on her pretty purple site.

Corgi from Barky Bits has been playing WoW for 4 years and she will be moving on to spend more time with family and friends. Not too long ago her blog was getting daily face lifts and she was testing the waters writing guides. It looks like she too may be heading to Aion...

I wish you all well in the big world away from the forest! I know you will be doing awesome "more fun than blogging about a video game" things :P If you have not already headed over to wish them well, I'm sure there is still time.

Along the same lines, I dug through my feedreader yesterday unsubscribing to blogs that haven't posted in more than 2 months. There were 11 - including Resto4Life. THAT was surprisingly difficult and symbolic for me. I don't let go well I guess from things I love and we all love Phae.

I also made a folder of blogs under 2 months old that I am subscribed to and there were 14! There is little I love more than a new resto blog. I would like to spend more time reading and commenting on those sites. We will see... There are many things in life I would like to do...

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  1. Thanks for the kind mention, Aertimus =) I'm sure I'll wander back into the forest someday once the leaves have begun to brown as fall approaches.. who knows!



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