Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When the Servers Go Down, the Down Raiders Get Creative

Some of us get weepy at the thought of missing a good night of raiding, dailies, or leveling. Some of us get ARG angry. That includes my husband. Okay, maybe I used the "f" word a few times to describe my feelings too.

Lots of us roll alts. My husband made me roll a Death Knight. Killing the peasants was a little too dark for me: "I got a sick grandma back home!" Then I found out we were killing the wrong mobs and it was WAY too dark for me...

But no one dealt with the down time in as fascinating and entertaining a way as one of our hunters, MoneyX, last night in vent. (ps The X stands for 'Sex')
  • Money: There is only one thing to do. Launching my Ulduar simulator. 
  • Money: Send tells to Moonkin R for on time invites.
  • Aert: Slash tell MR Invite!
  • Yak: Slash tell MR Invite!
  • Shaman U: Slash whisper MR Invite!
  • MR: Invite Yak. 
  • Aert: Slash tell MR Invite please!
  • MR: Invite SU.
  • Aert: Slash whisper MR Invite PLEASE!
  • MR: Invite Aert.
  • Yak: Okay everyone in your vehicles!
  • Shaman Y: Aert gets the top of mine.
  • Money: I call a chopper. 
  • Aert: Slash tell SY How was your day?
  • SU: Lokihealer Could you spam healing assignments again?
  • Yak: Aert, why is your vehicle falling way behind? 
  • Aert: Don't look at me! SY likes it when I'm on top! 
  • Yak: There is a spider bot over to the left! Focus it down!!!
  • Aert: Slash tell Money What are you wearing?  
  • Money: Nothing at all!
  • Yak: Money, Why is your vehicle way over there too? Oh, okay, your talking about important DPS stuff in DPS chat? Carry on. Carry on. 
Ulduar Simulator is cheap and easy,
unlike this expensive driving simulator.

It went on like this for fifteen minutes. And no, Darkspear is NOT a role-playing server. So next time the servers are down, just hop on vent and pretend you are having a raid! Its almost the same   : P   (No I'm not really pretending it is almost the same, but I can think of no other way I would have wanted to spend last night, other than in Ulduar.)

Were your servers down for an eternity? If so, what did you do with the down time?


  1. Haha the same thing happened to our guild in our IRC channel.

    The best part? Someone dropped a train.


  2. My mains server was down, but all my guild talked about was how well our DKP system worked and what could be better...

    *sigh* I could care less

  3. @Master - OMG Now I TOTALLY wish someone had dropped a train for us! I know there was some fighting over a mage table, but I couldn't quite remember and couldn't get anyone to quote it back to me, so I left it out.

    I'm glad to know we arn't the only crazy guild out there!

    @Tankhealdps - I'm sorry you got stuck using the time for guild business. I guess it IS a good chance to have everyone together and get some feedback and its better than everyone leaving vent altogether, but everyone needs a silly break once and a while.

  4. Ohh that's hilarious :D I'll have to remember that the next time my guildies and I are bored.

    Turalyon was only down for a short while, and most of the downtime was spent ranting about the bugs the day's patch had caused for our dps, so I just went and got ice cream.

    Thin Mint variety ;)



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